We generally think of health in physical terms.  Next is mental, then emotional.  Spirital health is usually overlooked, swept under the rug only discussed among close friends and then just as an aside.  We go along life's highways never giving our spiritual health a seconds thought until...we are knocked over the head with a huge event that rocks us to our core.  But, if we really stop to think about it, we have been led to take notice and start to put our spiritual lives in order.

Do not think I am speaking of religion, I am not.  I am speaking of a recognition of how connected we are to each other, to plants and animals - to everything that is in this universe.  We suffer to get an awakening.  And when we do, we make an effort to live in that knowledge and we keep searching to increase the knowledge and awareness.  Whatever it is that connects us, also sustains us and we must be grateful and show it by taking care of ourselves and each other.  Physical illness means you body is lacking something it needs.  It could be vitamin, mineral or water.  It may even be touch.  Withholding touch can cause death in babies.  Lack of a certain nutrient can cause mental illness and emotional illness, too. 

Physical illness, mental illness and emotional ills are wake up calls that we are out of balance.  That illness in the body tells us to do something to get back on the right track.  Our bodies tell us when we are out of balance.  We feel unwell, out of sorts or anxious.  The symptoms of our ills tell us what we need to put back into balance.

When the scientific revolution came into being, we started leaning more and more into science.  If we could not 'prove' something by repeatable experimentation, we discounted it.  However, lately we acknowledge that there are forces greater than us humans.  We want to call these forces 'proof' of the existence of 'aliens'. 

More and more people have been experiencing 'out of body' episodes when they have 'died' and been resuccetated.  They tell of experiences that are so similar in nature, that there must be more to those experiences than hullucinations from drugs.  When those people recover, they have a shift in their consciousness.  They realize there is a purpose for them remaining alive.  They often have clearer insight into themselves and into humanity as a whole.  You might say, they become more spiritually enlightened.

This is my opinion, you may agree or not.  Just as the body gives us wakeup calls with illness, those catastropic events in our lives are to wake us up to the fact that we have neglected the spiritual.  Every one of us have not experienced out of body episodes, but we have gone through times so trying that we thought we were the object of cruel and focused persecution.  We may have had ringing in our ears while going through this trying time, too.  Everything is vibrational.  Whatever is needed for us to get into balance will happen.  If we are not jarred, we will just go right on along just trying to get from one day to the next without thought.  Thought, controlled thought is necessary to decide to get into balance within our own bodies and within our own universe. 

If you think you are in perfect health, and you are so very loving and connected and suddenly you experience some catastrophic event, perhaps you are spiritually out of balance.  Perhaps you should be sharing some information.  Or you should be doing some service.  You matter and what you do with your life matters.  What you contribute is guided by your spirit.  Have you been taking good care of your spirit?  Have you fed it the proper nutrients?  No not dogma and rituals of other men, but that which brings inner peace, love, insight and makes others speak of your glow. 

The exhortation is to know yourself.  For that you must ask yourself questions and search out the answers.  Decide for yourself what it is you believe and how you will live up to that belief. Remember there is no more impartial instructor than nature.  Just look around and see how balance is kept in nature.  Then see what happens when that balance is interferred with.   

Being in balance brings happiness, intelligence superior health and wealth.  That wealth is whatever it is that you value.  What is your wealth?  How will you share it so that it keeps returning to you?  It's all about balance, you give it out, it returns to you. In all there is that matters, there is balance.  Balance is in all.  Imbalance brings ills, personal, community or world wide ills.  Do you not see the importance of being in balance?  We must accord attention to all parts of our health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Balance is key.

Bessie Mathis

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  • Excellent article Bessie.  Being in Balance in every area of our lives is healthy living.  Liked and Shared.

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