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$hort, $weet, $imple! Faceless Videos Part 10


Hi, my friends,

I am George Pierce and this post is part of a free training series that I am posting on Syndication Express that is going to help you get the traffic that you may be missing out on.  The traffic that I am referring to is from YouTube and TikTok. I was reluctant to use video marketing, and I believe that a lot of people are also avoiding this marketing strategy.  

What I discovered is that all of the reasons or excuses for NOT using YT and TT were wrong.  

There is no need to be on camera, we can easily create faceless videos.  We do not need to d do a voice-over.  There is no need for special equipment and no need to spend any money. 

In addition, there are free tools that do all the work!

What this means to you and me is that no skill is needed and the process is fast and easy.  

All you need to do is follow the steps.  


This post is about creating short videos and why short video are your best option.  

Based on my research and experience, SHORT videos are one of the secrets to TT and YT short video success.


One of the things that TT and YT look at is called viewer retention.  Viewer retention or audience retention is the measurement of how long your audience or your viewers engage with your content. 

Viewer retention is a big deal and this is why.

When viewers begin watching your videos and leave that sends a signal to both YT and TT, and when viewers begin watching your video and stay that sends a signal as well.  Obviously, if people leave almost as fast as they arrive, it tells YT and TT that people are not interested in your content.  When your viewers keep watching it sends a signal that viewers are interested in your content.  

The big deal is that when viewer retention is low, YT and TT are not going to push your videos out to more viewers.  When retention is high. they will not only expose your content to more viewers if your retention continues to stay high, then they continue to push it out to more and more and more and more viewers.  You get the point, and that is how videos can go viral.  

One way to get high retention is to create short videos!

Short videos are preferably 10 or 15 seconds to 30 seconds.  These short videos are almost guaranteed to get high retention and the shorter the video. the easier it is to make!

Above, you will see the average percentage viewed is over 100%, which is easy on a short video.  This means that the average viewer watched the video and kept watching it TO THE END!  Again, this is a big deal for YT and TT and helps you and me get more and more exposure.  

When you see how easy and fast you can make these videos (in a future post), and that short videos are sweet and simple, you will see that your return on your effort is excellent.  



Marsha and her son, Timmy,  are enjoying a walk on the beach.  Suddenly a giant wave sweeps over them.

Marsha is separated from Timmy and she looks all around and cannot find him anywhere.

Marsha looked up at the sky and prayed “ Lord, please help me. Timmy means everything to me,

I cannot go on without him. Please return Timmy to me alive”.

Just then a beam of light appeared in the sky.    And there was Timmy as if he were sliding down the light beam.

In a moment, Timmy was back on the beach where Marsha was waiting.

As she embraced her son, she looked at him all over as a mother would do, making sure that he was fine.

Again she looked up at the sky and said “Thank you, Lord.

By the way, he had a hat”.


Thank you for reading, allow me to wish you much success on your Internet adventure.

George Pierce

PS. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, visit my channel for free training.\

PPS. You have just learned an important part of the 'algorithm' that YT and TT use to determine how well people like your videos,

and you learned how to use it in your favor, CONGRATS!

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  • Top Video Contributor

    TT recently extended video time from 1 minute to 10, so I tried both short and longer videos, and short works best.  Thanks, Tom.

  • Top Commentor

    Short certainly works for me George - so I'm delighted to see that someone of your experience promotes that concept. A little of something really good beats a lot of something uninteresting every time. Short and sharp is what turns people on!

  • Top Member

    I am going in that direction, making short videos to grow my channel as well. I want everyone to know about the Syndication Express platform. Thank you George Pierce for this information because I have learned so much from your training series. I am so glad that you started this training series. Youtube has changed so much from when I first started my channel, and this is great information about Youtube and TikTok. 

    • Top Video Contributor

      Quality content and a little SEO knowledge still go a long way.  I am happy to be of help, thank you, Terri.  

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