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Relaxation the answer to your stress and health. Stress kills many people world wide and can be controlled if you wish to do so through relaxation methods.

Relaxing sites, sounds and smells provoke release of tension in the body. Things like beautiful sites, sitting watching a fire place, rain, gentle waves lapping against the shore.

Enticing scents from a candle or watching the flame gently, wistfully swaying are perfect for relaxing.

Candles have been used for many different reason throughout history, we today are no different. We love candles it is apparent by the $2 billion annually we spend on them.

There are times when you buy a candle that's what you get just a candle and as great as that is it is even better when there is a bonus within the candle it's self.

There are some candles you can get bonuses in like jewelry; however there are some candles that go even farther! With some candles along with the relaxation comes the bling and here is where you can get the bling bonus of your choosing----->Click Here.

I hope you enjoy the relaxing music and your candle with the jewelry you choose.



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    Hi Merle,

    thank you so much for sharing it and I'm glad you liked it I do hope others will want candles :)

  • Relaxation - something I should do a bit more of !!  Love the video and was looking at the candles, great ideas and would make lovely Christmas presents.  Thanks for sharing and have shared for you.

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    HI Terri,

    Thanks :) yes people only have like 48 hours to become a rep with no membership fee but if they just want to shop then they can do that anytime. I am not sure what the membership fee will be after the 48

    Thank you for sharing :) and the comment

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    Susan I really loved the photos you shared in this post and enjoyed your message as well. Jewelry in candles, it's sounds good to me. Everybody loves jewelry, especially when it's free. I have shared your post on Facebook and tweeted.

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    Hi Bessie,

    Yes it really is, if more would slow down a bit and learn this they would be a lot better off.

  • Susan,

    I enjoyed your post.  It is amazing how much sights, sounds and scents can influence our moods, creativity and health.

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