You. Are. Enough. So Enough Already!


Many of us exist in a world of not-enough. We're constantly telling ourselves and others that we don't have enough. Enough of whatever it is we want or think we should have. The fact is, it's just a state of mind. There's more than enough to go around. Especially here in the United States. There's more than enough food, money, opportunities, advantages.

What if a huge part of the reason we don't have enough is because we think and say that we are NOT enough?

I AM NOT pretty enough, rich enough, good enough, educated enough, thin enough, smart enough, kind enough, tough enough, strong enough, capable enough, confident enough, brave enough, experienced enough, productive enough, satisfied enough, loving enough, happy enough, successful enough, spiritual enough, worthy enough.......

The list goes on and on....... How often do you think or say I AM NOT ____ (fill in the blank) ENOUGH?

I am guilty of this. And I want to stop.

I've been studying the power of I AMIt is truly one of the most commanding statements you can possibly think or say because the moment you think it or say it; it becomes REAL. When you confess I AM NOT ENOUGH, your body, mind, spirit, other people, and the entire universe agrees with you.


However, when you believe, I AM ENOUGH, everyone and everything conspires to agree with you.

This isn't some sort of new-age mumbo-jumbo. This is the law of the universe and of God.

I AM is the most powerful statement ever uttered by the Creator. With those two words, He came to exist in the hearts and minds of man.

As the creator of your own life, you can design the kind of life you want and it begins with believing what you are or what you're not.

Thinking I AM NOT ENOUGH always goes hand in hand with I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH. The more you believe both, the less you will have. And you will selfishly cling to what you do have. This is why those who REALLY, TRULY DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH suffer and go without.


Just for the record, we all want things. A better career. A lovelier home. More vacations. Loving relationships. Better health and wellness. Nothing wrong with that. In order to have some of those things, we might need more skills, more education, more experience, more connections, etc. etc. And, yes, even more money. But so often, I come across folks who complain and blame their lack of success, achievement or happiness on not having those things, rather than going out and getting them. In this day and age, so much is available. You can earn your degree or get a certification for just about anything on-line. You can even hire a Health Coach to help you improve your health and wellness without ever leaving your house. Shameless plug. :) Whatever it is you think you need, believe in yourself enough to go out and get it!


Believe this and then get ready for miracles to happen in your life, the lives of others and in the world.

Your partner in happiness, health and success,



Cynthia Parrott is a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach on a mission to to help others live the happiest, healthiest, most exciting and successful lives imaginable. She works with men and women across the globe and is a kind, energetic and dedicated coach to those who finally realize the key to happiness, health and success is lifestyle change. She also works with clients who are ready to step off the diet roller coaster for good and resolve their issues with food, weight, and body image. Cynthia’s clients are successful because she offers simple, practical advice, solutions and alternatives based on their individual goals, needs, concerns and lifestyles. She is available for consultation in person or by telephone. Learn more here 

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    Cynthis, you are so right this is a wonderful post and I've shared everywhere. You are correct we ARE enough :)

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