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Let me personally invite you to MLM Gateway. This is a great place to get exposure for your business and to connect with other like minded people.

I would like to give you few tips on how to use this platform to maximize the growth of your business. 

MLM Gateway allows you to talk to new network marketing prospects on a daily basis. Our website visitors are both experienced independent business owners and newbies looking for work from home business opportunities. 

Log in to your account regularly after you join to expand your MLM business quickly. If you have no credits you will automatically be allocated 1 credit the next day. As a result, you can promote your business opportunity every day. (My invitation gives you 5 free credits to begin with!)

Don't forget to add your business opportunity so you can recruit for your network marketing company.

If you want to accelerate your network marketing business even more, invite your business partners to MLM Gateway and get 10 credits for every referral who signs up.

Write a business announcement about your business, product, website or any other subject related to your business activity. Get 5 credits for each announcement and use them to send partnership requests or for banner and text link advertising. 

Upload your banner or create a text link ad and drive targeted traffic to your website with MLM Gateway advertising. You can advertise for FREE by referring new members or writing business announcements! Visit Advertising section in your account to learn more. 

Connect with other MLM Gateway members and share quick updates with them. You can post short messages which are displayed to all your connections. It can even contain a link to your website. 

See you on the inside.

Tim Eller


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Two Choices

Today we get to the bottom line! The truth of it all.
Most people stop themselves from becoming successful.
That is the sad truth.
They jump from opportunity to opportunity
They buy course after course
They try to do it all themselves
If you want to avoid the vicious cycle of
buying expensive marketing courses, getting
...buying another course, getting frustrated....
....buying another course, getting frustrated...
You've got a couple of choices, Basically....

==> Let Others Help
  1. Either go out and learn it all yourself.... 
      - Presentation skills
      - Tech skills
       - Computer Skills
      - Persuasive selling language
      - Communication leverage tactics
      - Hypnotic language patterns

      ....and a whole slew of other time
       consuming stuff you really don't want
       to bother with (if you're honest).
 2.  Just use this and focus on one thing:

Sure beats the alternative .....any day.

Go here and see what they saw:  

==>  Let Others Help

Timothy Eller

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Focus On Success Now


Grab The Success audio package of Think and Grow Rich,
The Master Key System, Understanding the Law of Attraction,
and Building Self Confidence plus audio club of monthly success
audios of books, entraintment, NLP audios, subliminals, and more.

Get The Audio Package here



I believe the key to your success is within you.
But you must take daily action to work on your
inner self.

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See You There,

Timothy Eller

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3 Reasons Why Homeschooling Rocks

1.  It's not boring as all get out.

I spent the first 5 and a half years of my Education in public schools. There were, of course, times when I enjoyed Learning things and talking to my friends. On the flip side, though, there were long stretches of monotony and boredom. And that was just grade School! I can't even imagine what it would have gotten like in middle and high school. I vaguely remember a class I took in 6th grade before I began to be homeschooled. "Conflict resolution" they called it. It was an entire class we had to sit through for 50 minutes a day on how not to get in a fight. Instead of teaching us something useful like Math, history or Science, we had to sit and Learn that getting in a fistfight wasn't good for anybody.

I think it goes without saying that homeschooling was far more interesting. I was either doing something and learning, or I was enjoying my free time. I never had to sit through extended periods of monotonous lectures or stare at a chalkboard while a Teacher catered to the slowest student in the classroom. I was able to learn at my own pace and enjoy it.

2.  No one gives you wedgies.

Unless, of course, you have an older sibling and then you might get more wedgies than you can handle. One of the fantastic things about being homeschooled is that there is no awkward social structure that you have to fit yourself into. Unless you live in a very complicated Family, there are no bullies, no drug addicts and so forth.

Again, the advantage is more than what you don't have to deal with, but also in what you do get. Being homeschooled enabled me to develop much stronger relationships with my parents and my siblings, and I did find a variety of friends through our Homeschool group and church and so forth. I found that when I got to College I was able to comfortably communicate with everyone from the older students (some who were even grandparents, coming back for their education) to the younger students and even the professors and staff. None of these people ever gave me a wedgy.

3.  Odds are your teacher will probably like you.

I didn't personally ever have issues with a teacher that didn't seem to like me or treat me well, but I do know that those experiences are out there. The odds increase, I think, as you get into high school that you might run into a teacher that you either don't like or who doesn't like you for some reason. I wouldn't say that it's anything personal, just sometimes there are personality clashes.

On the other hand, I think you benefit from homeschooling because you're able to develop a much deeper relationship with your parents. Instead of coming home from school and simply telling them what you did (if you can even remember all the details) you live it with them.

Timothy Eller

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Selling Yourself on Forums

  Because of the anonymous nature of the internet people are generally more skeptical when it comes to doing Business online.  Owing partly to famous internet scams sensationalized by the media and to bad personal experiences online, people are less likely to trust a party whom they've never met in person.

As an online Marketer, you face the challenge of building trust and loyalty without the benefit of a physical handshake, a face-to-face meeting, or even a smile. To this end online forums can provide an excellent way to Build meaningful relationships with people and Attract new customers.  

By joining a Forum in your area of expertise, you Gain access to a Community that shares your interests as well as a pool of potential customers. There are countless forums dealing with just about any topic imaginable.  The vast majority of forums do not charge you a fee to register or post messages.  Many allow you to include with your posts self-promotional "signatures" that you can use to Promote your business and link to your website.

A good way to locate a forum relevant to your line of business is to do askaSrch17 search using one of the major search engines.  Why a major search Engine?  A Google search for "website Marketing forum," for example, will not only return dozens of relevant forums on website marketing, but will also give you an indication of how highly they are regarded by the search engine giant, as gauged by how high they Rank for that key phrase.  Forums that rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) are the ones of which you'll want to become a member.

Forums allow you to share knowledge and gain reputation as an expert in your field.  Offering concrete advices that are immediately useful to other people is an especially effective marketing technique. Once you've gained credibility in your field, you will be sought after for your professional expertise without your having to promote yourself.

Participating in forums is also an excellent way to humanize yourself and your business.  When people deal with you, they'll know that they're dealing with a real person, not a nameless, faceless business entity.  By staking your reputation online, you demonstrate that you are willing to accept some degree of accountability for your actions.

If you're a generally honest and agreeable person in the real life, there is no reason to hide behind a company name when conducting business online. The personal qualities that make you likable in the real world will also make you likable in cyberspace.  Indeed, establishing meaningful relationships online is a lot like making friends in the real world. After all, on the other side of the terminal is a real person with real emotions just like you.

Another key to meaningful online relationships is to create an atmosphere of openness and transparency.  Although you normally use a nickname to start and respond to posts in public forums, you should use your real name in private correspondences. It is good practice to begin your messages with a salutation, addressing them by their real name whenever possible. A little courtesy can go a long way in building loyalty and trust.  

Apart from selling your personal qualities, you must have something of value to offer to people-- and at prices that are fair to everyone! On a venue where your personal reputation is not at stake, you can price a widget for any amount you want and hope someone will come along and buy it.  When you do business on forums, however, you must be extra value-conscious when pricing your product or service. If you overprice your widget, you risk receiving flames from other members that could harm your reputation. This is why it's so important to Research what other members are charging for a similar widget and to price yours competitively.  Often you'll end up charging lower prices to members of your forum than to other customers with whom you have not developed as close a relationship for the same widget.

Building positive relationships is about making people feel important. Just as you want to feel good for having sold your product or service, people want to feel good for having bought it. This is why it is so important to promptly answer their questions and attend to their concerns. Listen to their inputs and incorporate their ideas into your business practices.  This is how you make your customers a part of your team.  It's not a stretch to speak of your customer as a member of your team. When you really think about it, no business can exist without its customers.  Teamwork is not limited to interacting with other members of your company.  It also takes teamwork to build a constructive, mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers.

Timothy Eller


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When To Use Blood Pressure Medication

If you are concerned about your Blood Pressure there are different types of medication you can take to help control or lower your pressure. You might try some lifestyle changes first before opting for medicine. Remember that sometimes medicine is the only way you might be able to lower it. Different lifestyle changes do not always work on their own.

First you might consider your diet. Do you consider yourself a Healthy eater? Do you think you have a pretty healthy diet? Your diet could be affecting your blood pressure. High amounts of salt and sodium intake can raise your blood pressure. Try to limit your salt intake and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you love salt, consider substituting it with a different seasoning. There are so many different kinds of seasonings available you can easily find something to your liking.

Are you physically active on a regular basis? Physical inactivity can play a part in high blood pressure as well. If you can try to get at least thirty minutes a day of physical exercise you can help lower or control your blood pressure.

If you cannot set aside a full thirty minutes do ten or five minute intervals. As long as you get thirty minutes total for the day you are helping your blood pressure. This could mean taking a walk, doing an exercise video, riding a bike, etc. Whatever physical activity you enjoy the most will benefit your health and blood pressure.

Do you use tobacco or drink high amounts of alcohol? This can dangerously increase your blood pressure. Try to limit your tobacco use or alcohol consumption. If you can, Quit them altogether. This is not always easy for some but do not feel discouraged.

There are many products to help you quit both habits and just focus on knowing you will feel healthier and you will be controlling your blood pressure too. If you have high blood pressure you are at risk for a stroke or Heart and kidney Disease. This alone should be motivation enough to get healthier.

While some of these lifestyle changes alone may not help you, it is always worth giving it a shot. If all else fails talk to your doctor about starting a blood pressure medication. Just remember to keep trying the lifestyle changes along with taking your medication. Doing both can significantly help your blood pressure.

There are many different types of blood pressure medications and sometimes two will work better than one alone. If you do not like taking medicine this can be rather hard to accept but know it will benefit your health in the end.

A few types of blood pressure medications are beta-blockers, diuretics, vasodilators, alpha-blockers, alpha-beta-blockers and nervous system inhibitors. These are only some of the many available blood pressure medications.

Before taking any blood pressure medications or starting any new diet you want to consult your doctor. They might be able to help you choose something that will help your blood pressure without drastic changes or measures. Ask them any questions or concerns you have. This is your health you are discussing and you want to know everything.

If he suggests a medication ask him what it does, what the side effects are and if it will interact with any other drugs you might be taking, prescription or non-prescription. You can never be too careful and avoiding a stroke or heart disease is very important if you can help it.

Timothy Eller

300 Breakthrough Stress Relief Tips

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If you are battling high Blood Pressure do not be discouraged. Did you know that as many as seventy two million people in the U.S. 20 and older have high blood pressure? Twenty eight percent of these do not even know they have it.

Some people do not worry about their blood pressure until they get older. While this might make sense to an extent, it is never too early to monitor your blood pressure. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, you want to start right away.

How many people wait until they are diagnosed with something before attempting to prevent it or cure it? Too many. By taking control of your blood pressure today you can prevent a stroke or developing Heart or kidney Disease later in life.

When you are young you might be more active than when you get older. Try to stay active and if you aren't, get active. All it takes is thirty minutes a day of physical activity or exercise to control your blood pressure and better your health.

Eat Healthy foods. Try to stay away from salty and fatty foods. Salt increases your blood pressure and fatty foods might cause weight Gain, which causes high blood pressure as well. Try to eat more vegetables and fresh fruits. You might find you like more than you thought you would.

Stress can cause high blood pressure but there are so many ways to de-Stress. Do you have a favorite hobby that has no stress? If so, try to do this every time you feel yourself overwhelmed or stressed out. You will be surprised at the wonders it can do.

If you take medications talk with your doctor to make sure they aren't affecting your blood pressure. Certain medications can raise your blood pressure. Antidepressants, Cold medicines, oral contraceptives, steroids, even nasal decongestants might be affecting your blood pressure without your knowledge.

If you are unsure of your family history, check it out. If you have a family history of high blood pressure chances are you will end up with high blood pressure as well. If you are aware of this early on, you can start monitoring and controlling your blood pressure before it gets a chance to become high.

There are many different kinds of blood pressure medications if you are unable to see results with regular lifestyle changes. Sometimes these medications are needed along with a regular healthy diet and exercise to be more effective.

The best thing you can do is talk with your doctor. They can suggest something that will help you control your blood pressure and even prescribe you some medication. If you start medication be sure you tell them of any other medicine you are taking as well.

You want to be in charge of your health and not wait until something happens to take that control. When it comes to your health you can never be too late so start as early as you can. You are never alone when it comes to dealing with your blood pressure and other health issues.

Timothy Eller

Also see Diet and Food Affect Your Blood Pressure

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Children and Blood Pressure

Did you know that even babies can develop high Blood Pressure? Many might think of this as uncommon but it isn't. When babies have high blood pressure it is usually because they are premature or have kidney or Heart problems. When an older child has high blood pressure it is usually a result of their family history.

As you might have noticed today, there is an increase in obesity in children. This also increases their blood pressure putting them at health risks. A great way to prevent this is to have your child's blood pressure checked often as they grow older.

More ways to help are watching your child's diet and making sure they get plenty of exercise. Some kids are not as active today what with the video games and all. Try to get your child involved in regular activities from the start. It will benefit their health as well as their self esteem later down the road.

Just like adults, you can easily help control your child's blood pressure. Watch their diet. Be sure they are getting the right nutrition and limit their salt intake. Get them Eating vegetables and fresh fruits. While many children do not like vegetables, there are many ways to overcome this. You can spice up a recipe that involves vegetables.

Physical activity is the key to any Healthy lifestyle. Getting your child involved in physical activity when young will help ensure they stay active and healthy as they Age. Involve them in sports of their choosing and take walks with them. You can both benefit from this.

If your family has a history of high blood pressure, be sure your child gets routine check ups. This will help ensure they do not develop high blood pressure and if they do, you can start controlling it. Remember Stress can raise blood pressure and while some kids shouldn't be stressed, they are.

Children deal with Stress just like adults, just in different ways. Talk with your child and stay active in their life and what goes on. You want them to have a happy healthy life and you can help them achieve that goal.

If you are unable to control your child's blood pressure through their diet and exercise, you might have to turn to medication. Talk with your doctor and let them know what you have already tried. Sometimes this is not enough alone, but with medication, can help control it.

Try to exercise with your child every day. Exercising alone sometimes is harder for children and adults alike. You can get involved with your child this way and it will benefit you both.

Talk with your teenager about smoking and drinking. These both cause high blood pressure and once they know the risks they are less likely to try them. Do not think your child is invisible from developing any health problems along with high blood pressure.

Remember that blood pressure increases with age until you are around fifty. If you get a head start on watching yours and your child's at an early age, you will both benefit very well in the end.

Timothy Eller

Get Natural Solutions to High Blood Pressure

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"Can you give me some feedback on my website?" a life coach named "Kevin" asked his e-zine subscribers. "I just revised my site - -finally!"

Naturally, I couldn't resist clicking over to see what Kevin had done. I knew Kevin was a thoughtful coach with a reputation for high integrity.

Kevin's new site cried out for a re-makeover. He had paid a designer to get drop-down menus and a bit of flash. As a result, Kevin admitted, "I have no budget to pay a copywriter."


After skimming a few pages of the site, I emailed Kevin. "Who is your target market? What do you offer? How are you unique?"

Kevin replied, "I asked for feedback. I don't have time to answer a lot of questions. And everyone tells me the site looks professional."

Okay. I can take a hint.

Sure, the site looks professional. But Kevin admits he's in trouble. So far, he's gotten nothing but compliments -- no orders and no calls.

What can we learn from Kevin?

(1) Copywriters can save you money.

Often I (and other experienced copywriters) can save clients money on web design. Kevin didn't need all those bells and whistles. In fact, some Internet marketing gurus claim they do more harm than good.

And Kevin didn't understand HTML, let alone CSS. A copywriter might serve as go-between, translating Kevin's requirements into web design language. Your web designer saves time - which translates into saving money.

(2) Copywriters help you earn money.

Reading between the lines, I discovered Kevin could be a stand-out. He has developed an innovative 5-step process to help clients overcome obstacles and take charge of their lives.

But Kevin doesn't realize why he's unique, so his website reads like five thousand other life coaching sites: vague promises of "take your life to the next level," "discover what's important to you" and "enjoy the work you love."

Naturally I'm disguising the details of "Kevin's" story, but I really don't have to. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of sites sound just like Kevin's.

(3) Copywriting is collaborative.

Like Kevin, my clients often think they can show me a few pages of a website and say, "Make it sell!" Copywriting requires energy and planning, whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or a firm believer in outsourcing to a specialist.

My clients often invest many hours answering my questionnaire. As they write, they often realize there's a hole in their business strategy. Or they're sitting on buried treasure.

Until I know what Kevin wants to do with his website and his business, I can't make realistic recommendations - even as a casual ezine reader. I need to evaluate Kevin's copy in the context of Kevin's own goals, target market and unique selling proposition.

Kevin could do this himself. But, like most busy business owners, he didn't want to invest the time. And he wasn't sure what questions to ask.

When clients hire me, we have the luxury (and fun!) of creating a marketing message that hits the target market squarely in the center of the bull's-eye.

Bottom Line: Websites deliver messages. Without a message, a website is a calling card - nice when you have more business than you can handle.

Most of the time, revising copy brings traffic and sales. Websites typically earn back the copy investment with just a few new clients, not to mention saving energy and funds by avoiding a makeover to recover the makeover.

And one day you realize you're not getting compliments... but you *are* getting sales.

Timothy Eller

Discover The Secret Formula To Writing explosive Sales Letters

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The Secret Power of Words

If the best way of communicating with prospects and existing customers was through sign language, we'd all have to learn to sign. Or if the best method of communication proved to be some kind of mutually understandable code, we'd all have to learn that code in order to say anything. Thankfully, our communication process is much more simple...or is it?

A sales person has the benefit of meeting his prospect face to face, and will be able gauge his pitch according to visible response signs displayed by his prospect. An experienced salesman will instinctively know from the facial expressions and body language of his prospect, whether he's hitting the right buttons. This is usually indicated by the prospect's head nodding up and down combined simultaneously with a beaming smile and wide-eyed appreciation.

A telesales person has much less to go on. They can only judge response to their sales pitch through the prospect's answers to questions and the actual tone of their voice. Most telesales people find their job easier when they try to imagine the look on their prospect's faces while they're talking to them. But, the deciding factor will almost always come down to the tone of voice deployed by both parties.

The Internet and Direct Mail Marketer have no such advantages over their prospects. They can't see them and they can't hear them. Their only weapon in their armory of sales pitches is their written word.

How we communicate through our written words holds the absolute key to successful selling online and offline. Whether it's a sales letter, an email or ad, the written words must convincingly convey the sales message directly into the prospect's mind. But first, you have to get your prospects to actually read your message, and usually this very first hurdle will claim many, many casualties.

Getting someone to read your sales pitch will almost certainly depend on your headline. Your headline is your introduction. Your 'hello', your 'hey you' and your 'listen up'. If your headline doesn't grab the attention of your prospect within two seconds, it's goodbye and farewell.

Other important aspects of a 'killer' sales message are sub-headings. Sub-headings are generally used to maintain interest throughout the copy. But they're also included for the benefit of prospects that first scan your message before deciding to read it in full. To some degree, they're almost as important as the headline itself.

Then there's the body copy. It's here that your copywriting talents and skills should really shine through. Here you have the opportunity to use any words in the English language to describe and explain in fine detail, the benefits and features of your product or service on offer. And the English language is positively rich in adjectives, so there can be no excuse.

But the real secret to creating captivating copy is to use 'sense' words. That is, words that arouse the senses. Touch, see, smell, taste and listen is what we instinctively do every day. They represent our human survival mechanisms and for the most part, we trust them. Other mammals rely on them totally.

When you use sense words in conjunction with emotionally fuelled trigger words,   you can elicit all kinds of responses, which can be carefully channeled into the heart of your message for maximum impact. Harnessing words for profit in this way is a skill, and it's a skill that every online and offline marketer needs to fully comprehend.

Learning to write outstanding and emotionally charged sales copy is not an essential requirement for business success, but recognizing the effectiveness is.

Never underestimate the secret power of words.


Discover The Secret Formula To Writing explosive Sales Letters

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Is There Really a Difference Between Online Copywriting and Copywriting for Print?

One of the biggest copywriting mistakes I've seen over and over again is writing about features rather than benefits.  But, you say, I want everyone to know all about my great product.  How do I get them to buy it if they don't know about its great features?   Sorry to burst a bubble, but the truth is they just don't care.

What they do care about proves a basic truth about human nature--we're basically selfish creatures.  We care about benefits instead of features.  "What's in it for me?" That's what's really important.  What that means is that you need to know exactly how your product or service will benefit your readers, and then be able to convey it to them in terms they'll understand.

Another common mistake is writing to everyone.  Your target market cannot be "everyone".  If it is, nobody will truly get the message.  And if nobody gets your message, nobody is going to buy either.  

Determining who your target market is before you start to write will at the least, focus your writing.   And go even further than determining a broad target market if you can.  Narrow your target market to a niche market instead.  Who are your most important potential clients?  Determine who your most important target is and write directly to them.

Pick one topic and stick to it.  

Prove your authority.  You can use case histories, testimonials, cite important studies or use your own published articles.  The point is that people buy from experts.  Make sure that's what you are.   

Whether it's print or online copywriting, make it easy for them to respond.  Send a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope or business reply card if your copywriting a direct response piece.  If it's online, use convenient order forms and make them accessible from every page.

And while we're on the subject of ordering, if you don't tell them why they need to order now, they most likely won't.  

Procrastination, it seems is a basic human tendency.   So, if you don't tell them to order now, they'll most likely put it off until tomorrow and tomorrow and yet another tomorrow, until finally they've simply forgotten.

Entice them to order with limited time or quantity specials.  Create a sense of urgency about it so they really will order today.       

There's an old copywriting formula to keep in mind while you're writing.  It applies to any type of copywriting that sells.  That old formula is AIDA

  • Attention. Grab attention with interesting headings, photos, subheadings, etc. Your first headline really makes or breaks your copy.  It's the first thing read and possibly the number one deciding factor for your reader staying or leaving.
  • Interest.  Create interest with your first sentence and your first few paragraphs.
  • Desire. Stimulate desire with benefits, testimonials and case studies.
  • Action. Ask for action now with special pricing, combinations, limited time or quantity offers.  Give them a really good reason to buy Now.

Repeat your main benefit, and ask for action again with a P.S.  Interestingly the P.S. is the second-most read line in print and online copy.  Some experts say one P.S. is best, while others use two or three.

So those are similarities for all copywriting that sells.  How is online copywriting different from print?

Various studies have shown that the internet is a culture of its own.  The internet was originally a place for sharing free information, and it remains that way today.  In keeping with its culture, freely share information you've gained and you'll get more visitors.  And that also means to eliminate the hard sell, and practice the soft sell instead.

Remember that internet visitors are usually impatient for information.  They generally prefer shorter pages than you'd usually write for such things as a direct response package.  
A general guideline is to use half as much as your printed text.   Keep sentences and paragraphs short.  Break long copy up into more than one page, or use modules instead.  

Don't overload your readers with irrelevant content or links.   People came to your site for a reason, and that reason was represented in their search term.  Your page needs to be completely relevant to the search term, or they'll simply leave.

The internet is graphics-oriented, so use pictures, diagrams, graphs, and anything else visual to help convey your message.  And, unlike print, the internet can be interactive, so if it applies, use it.  

But, you don't want to over-do graphics either because your web site needs to load quickly.  If it doesn't load in less than 10 seconds, your potential sale is most likely gone.  He or she is probably checking out your competition!

Possibly the biggest difference between copywriting for any type of print and online copywriting is in the research.  You can write any print copy without using particular phrases, but you can't do that online.  Your online copy needs to be written around keywords that are put into search engines by prospects.   

Remember that there are lots of copywriting tips you can find free of charge simply by searching with you favorite search engine.  And there are several very good copywriters who have free copywriting tips on their web sites.  Two that come to mind are Bob Bly and Allan Sharpe.

So those are a few tips for your copywriting.  And I'd like to leave you with one final tip.  Many would-be copywriters worry too much about their writing.  Fear of seeing their copywriting in public, or even on a letter can freeze you into inactivity.  I would encourage you to give it a try.  

If you're copywriting for your web site, remember to research keywords first.  And then start with an outline if you need it.  Start by just writing a few phrases.  The point is--just start.  Don't be afraid of mistakes.  That's what editing is for.

Discover The Secret Formula To Writing explosive Sales Letters 

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Regardless of what service you provide or what type of products you produce, in today highly competitive and rapidly changing world one should always have appealing, attracting and interesting content on the web site. Web copywriting process is destined to help you to create well-written content copy. Copywriters will be able to design and compose the copy that gain attention of major search engines and increase the traffic on your web site; yet it not enough. One should never forget how the text on your web site should look like.

Many copywriters, who write for online and offline companies, commit mistakes by writing and composing the copy that addresses all clients at the same time. However, one should realize that the content that communicates with each client individually rather than with the group of people is the most efficient one. The phrase" Our clients will find our services affordable" sounds weaker than the phrase:" You will find our services affordable" In this case you focus on the uniqueness of your client; you communicate with him and address him directly. Certainly your business might provide services to several thousands of clients yet even in this case you should preserve individual, direct contact with the person. This is one of the most effective strategies in the web copywriting process.

Whatever you write-be it a sales letter or just advertisement, SEO copywriting copy or leaflet, this simple principle of direct, individual communication should be preserved. Otherwise your copywriting content might loose some versatility. When you write online copywriting, try to maintain easy-to-read and simple style yet at the same time retain individual approach. Apart from this, your content must be designed to target particular groups of people; that is why it is extremely important to combine copywriting process with marketing research which allows you to indicate your potential customers and thus design and compose the content that matches their wishes and expectations. Do not waste your energy, skills and time on poor written content. Remember that some minor detail may ruin the efficiency of your content; do not let it happen.


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Business To Business Copywriting Secrets

Business To Business Copywriting Secrets

If you want to increase your marketing results and get more qualified leads, you will need to improve the effectiveness of the copywriting on your website, print ads, emails and direct mail.

This is vital because copywriting is your "salesperson in cyberspace, in print and in the mail" ... and great salesmanship produces great sales ... average salesmanship gets only average or worse results.

Here are the copywriting tips that will improve your marketing results.  These are proven based on our copywriting work for over 450 businesses since 1978.

This is a list of what your prospect is thinking as he reads your marketing copy.  It's important to make sure everything is addressed on this list.  If you do this, your marketing results will improve dramatically.

1.  You'd better have done your research to know what benefits I want most from your type of product or service.  If you don't, I won't even notice you, and if I do, I won't even give you a hearing.

2.  What do you do?  How will it help me? I need to know "what's in it for me" instantly or I'm gone.

3.  Why should I believe you?

4.  I already have a supplier for that - why should I listen to you?

5.  Make it easy for me to read, understand, navigate, and "scan" your marketing material.

6.  I want a specialized expert in your field for my situation or my needs or my type of business.  

7.  Don't bore me!  I'm sick of corporate talk, business buzz terms and mumbo-jumbo.  Almost all business marketing is very dull and boring and I won't read it.

8.  I want ALL the details and specs, including product information, product applications, CAD drawings and plans, costs and shipping.  A ThomasNet.com study finds a very large percentage of buyers say these details are not readily available.

9.  I want to read copywriting from a real live person talking to me person to person, and not from some emotionless corporation.

10.  I won't admit it on the record, but I make purchases based on my emotions.  Sure I need logic and features for verification, but if you can touch my emotions, I'm much more likely to buy from you.

11.  I badly want more from my life than just work.  I'm very interested in saving time, work and stress.

12.  Make it easy for me!  You list many different things I can do and I'm confused.  What one thing should I do now and why?

13.  Don't overload your website or brochure with fluff - stick only to relevant and helpful information I need.  I'm tired of all the irrelevant "filler" information on the web and I won't read through it anymore.

14.  Compare your product or service against your competitors for me if it is really as good as you say it is.  Be honest, as I'll see through any favoritism.

15.  Be specific; generalities go right into my garbage.

16.  What's your guarantee?

17.  How can I test your product, service or company first, in a low or no cost way, before I make a large commitment?

18.  Help me justify the investment to my boss on an ROI basis.

     These copywriting secrets applied properly are a main reason one website, direct mail piece or ad can pull 2 to 3 times the response as another for the same product or service.  This is why the most successful marketers hire the best outside freelance copywriters they can afford.

God Bless!
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8 Strategies To Catapult Your Copywriting Skills To The Next Level

I am about to share with you 8 quick ideas and suggestions to dramatically help you improve your copywriting skills as you get going.

You can use these tips when it comes to creating offers, E-mails and sales letters that grab people's attention.

So without further ado, here they are!

Number one:
Always write your sales letter with the individual in mind.

Whenever you're writing a sales letter or an E-mail, you want to write that E-mail or sales letter as though you were talking to one person.

Number two:
Pull them in with the first line.

You've got to create interest with the reader, the very first line that they read.

Number three:
Use bullets.

People like to scan, they like to quickly read things as fast as they can, and using bullets makes that whole process a heck of a lot easier. So use them.

Number four:  
Just let it flow.

When you're starting to write a letter, it is very difficult to just start from top to bottom and write everything. When it comes to writing it and actually putting everything down in order, I want you to just write as it's coming out. You're going to have moments when inspiration hits you and your pen is going to go like crazy or your fingers are going to go like crazy on the computer keyboard, and I want you to just let it flow.

Number five:
Write like you speak.

I briefly touched on this in one of the earlier points. But it's much easier for you to envision that you're communicating with one individual as though you're having a conversation with that person, because when that person reads your sales letter or your E-mail, they're going to feel like you're talking right to them, and that's exactly what you want.

Number six:
Make your communication easy to read.

What I mean by that is use short paragraphs. Use pictures. I want you to bold certain things. I want you to highlight important areas.

Number seven:
I want you to stress the benefits and not the features.

I want you to put yourself in the shoes of the person reading your communication piece
The number one question that they're going to be asking is: What's in it for me? You have to address those things, and you've got to stress the benefits of your particular communication piece that you're trying to use.

Number eight:
I want you to keep the reader interested.

How do you do that? On a sales letter there are a ton of ways that you can keep the reader interested, and I'm going to give you a few of them right now.
-     You can use graphs.
-     You can use pictures.
-     You can use audio.
-     You can use video.
-     Another one that people love to see are testimonials.
-     Another one that you can always use is giving examples of proof.
-     Do you have checks?
-     Do you have screen shots of people registering for certain things?

Whatever you're trying to sell or promote, I want you to give proof that it works or that it would provide benefit to the person that is reading it - screen shots, pictures, testimonials - these are all great things of proof.

So there you have it... 8 quick tips to improve your copywriting skills. This is not the be all and end all of copywriting techniques but they will definitely help you jump over some of the hurdles that are standing in your way!


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Pros And Cons of Sugar Substitutes

Pros And Cons of Sugar Substitutes

Weight loss fanatics are not the only people who are crazy about artificial sweeteners. There are also the diabetics. But, for them, replacing sucrose or table sugar with more intense sugar substitutes mean more than shedding off a couple of pounds. On many occasions, these are a matter of staving off diabetes symptoms or not.

Pros Save on calories - The average American consumes around twenty teaspoons of sugar every day. These much sugar translates to more than 300 calories per day. It will only take you a little more than five days to pack up another pound by consuming the same amount of sugar alone on a daily basis. While at the outset, this problem is somewhat exclusive for obese individuals, those people diagnosed with diabetes also have issues with sugar. The solution to this problem of course is either to cut back on sugar intake or replace table sugar with zero-calorie sweeteners.

The good thing about these substitutes is that their taste is more intense (some sweeteners like sucralose are several hundred times sweeter than ordinary sugar). Consumers, therefore, require less of these sugars which eventually leads to lesser problems with blood glucose levels, or for overweight individuals, lesser worries with packing up more pounds.

But, beware. Sugar substitutes do not always mean they contain zero calories. Also, not all sugar substitutes can help fend off extra calories.

Lots of varieties - Low-calorie and no-calorie sugar substitutes come in varieties. In the market today, the most recognizable sugar substitutes are sucralose, saccharin, aspartame, acesulfame-K, stevia, sorbitol, and mannitol.

Generally safe for consumption - All sugar substitutes are consumable. But, this does not suggest that all of them are free of properties that can lead to the development of certain conditions or properties that can pike up blood glucose levels.  In general, those sugar substitutes that are not considered carbohydrates do not have any effects on blood glucose levels.

Cons Even if artificial sweeteners present good alternatives to weight thwarting table sugar, there are still a lot of drawbacks to using these products. First, there is the bitter after taste that many people find unpleasant. Some sugar substitutes like acesulfame-K tastes bitter when used alone.

Artificial sweeteners also tend to produce inferior quality baked products. Natural sugar plays a huge role in texture as well as taste. Laboratory-produced ones just don't seem to keep up with natural products. The best alternative to sugar for baked goods is sucralose because heat does not affect its taste.

Prolonged use of artificial sweeteners can also lead to side effects like chronic fatigue and persistent headaches. There are also reports that frequent consumers of these sweeteners end up hungry all the time, which kind of defeats the purpose of using sugar substitutes in the first place. This is because there is no sense of fullness in consuming substitutes instead of the real, natural sugar.

Hidden calories are also a problem commonly encountered with sugar substitutes. Sometimes, bulking agents toss in a few calories that many consumers are unaware of.

The jury is still out on the efficacy of sugar substitutes as diabetic products. Current reports are contradicting and it is still quite hard to pin down whether using these is actually beneficial or not. But, experts agree that so long as artificial sweeteners are used in moderation, no adverse effects may appear. Or at least, not immediately.  

Timothy Eller
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Diabetic Foot Care Products: What Should Be Included In Your Diabetic Kit

Diabetics often have serious problems with their feet. This is partially because they usually lose sensation around this area, making it possible for blisters, cracks, and wounds to develop without the patient knowing it. If unattended, small wounds like these can exacerbate into severe complications such as gangrenes and ulcers. Needless to say, foot care products that were specially designed for diabetics are available to prevent any of these complications to appear.

Diabetic socks - Looking much like regular, ordinary socks, diabetic socks are footwear that prevent moisture and build-up of microorganisms that cause infections. These socks have several characteristics, however, that separate them from generic socks. These socks were made with comfort in mind. These were made from a combination of materials such as nylon, acrylic, cotton and elastic fibers that can provide the feet ample cushioning while keeping it cool and dry. These are seamless and are not made of wrinkle-prone materials that can cause and aggravate blisters. These can also help improve blood circulation since these have non-binding tops.

When choosing a diabetic sock, it is important to keep two important things in mind- comfort and protection. Design is secondary. The socks should fit snuggly, but comfortably. For more serious cases of foot deformities, patients are advised to wear wider socks.  Also the fabric should not produce any uncomfortable sensations.

While manufacturers have already produced colored socks, white socks come highly recommended by podiatrists or foot doctors. It is easier to detect draining that can cause discoloration with lighter-colored socks.

Fungal nail treatments - People with diabetes are at risk of contracting nail fungus or onychomycosis, a condition that is characterized by discolored, disfigured, thickened, and split toenails and fingernails. There are various treatments for onychomycosis, including topical antifungals and oral medications. For more severe cases, surgery is needed.

Diabetic foot cream - Healthy and soft skin often make it harder for infections to spread throughout the feet. Dry skin, on the other hand, lead to cracks that make the skin on the feet more vulnerable to infections. A good diabetic cream may help moisturize areas that are especially dry. However, caution must be observed when using these creams. Generally, the skin in between the toes should not be dabbed with cream or oil as this often leads to complications.

Good-fitting shoes - A diabetic shoes need to be a special pair. Although of course there are a lot of online and local market vendors that sell specially fitted shoes for diabetics. A good pair of shoes for a diabetic is one that has a high and wide toebox, has removable insoles that can accommodate orthotics, has lesser pressure in areas of the shoes that usually cause feet problems such as calluses, blisters and wounds, and one that supports the feet very well.

Antifungal foot cream - A separate cream might be needed to fend off fungi and bacteria from forming deformities on the foot. Also, this can relieve symptoms like itching and burning sensation while adding in moisture into the skin to fortify its protection against microorganisms.

Pumice stone - This stone may come in handy for people who are suffering from excessive formations of calluses. This stone can gently remove layers of hardened skin. For better results, use pumice stone in combination with moisturizing soap or cream to help hydrate the tissues of hardened areas.  

Timothy Eller
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Complications of diabetes

Complications of diabetes

Just like in any other illnesses, the first thing that people need is to be informed and educated about the disease that may be prone to. In case of diabetes, extensive knowledge about this can help people who are already suffering from it to cope up and manage and can also help those who don't have it yet to be more careful and to avoid the illness.

But, aside from having extensive knowledge on the disease such as its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, it also pays to know if there would be related complications. This is to prepare one's self--emotionally, physically, and emotionally--about the possibilities of coping not just with diabetes but other complications related to it as well.

There are certain factors that affect people to be prone to diabetes such as age, heredity and ethnicity. But regardless of the risk factors, the related complications would just be the same. The following are just some of the complications of diabetes that people who are prone to it must pay attention to:

1. HEART DISEASE AND STROKE. Experts say that people who have diabetes have greater risks to having coronary heart diseases and to stroke compared to those who don't have them. In fact, these complications are the lead causes of death among diabetics all over the world. People suffering from diabetes are prone to heart diseases and stroke because the fatty deposits brought by drastic changes in the body can block the arteries and leads to heart attack. Because of lesser amount of insulin in the body compared to regular people, diabetics have higher incidence of blood clotting and can also lead to high blood pressure or hypertension.

2. DIABETIC KIDNEY DISEASE. Among people with diabetes, kidney failure is the most common complication because the blood-filtering units of the kidneys are being damaged. Once the kidney has been damaged, important proteins are being along with urine and eventually, the kidneys won't be able to remove the waste products present in the blood anymore. The good thing is, not all diabetics experience End-Stage Kidney Disease (ESRD) which can be life threatening. To avoid this complication, you must stop smoking cigarettes and always keep the blood pressure under control at all times.

3. DIABETIC EYE DISEASE. This refers to the group of eye problems that diabetics--people with diabetes--may have as a result of the chronic disease. In worst cases, this set of eye related problems such as diabetic retinopathy, damaged vessels of the eye's retina, cataract, cloudiness in the lens of the eyes, glaucoma, and increased fluid pressure inside the eye that is damaging to optic nerve. All of these, when not treated immediately and now monitored properly can lead to total loss of vision loss or blindness.

4. DIABETIC NEUROPATHY. Those people who are into smoking, drinking, and those who have poor control with glucose are more prone to developing neuropathy compared to those diabetics who are not into these vices and bad habits.

5. GASTROPARESIS. This disorder involves the stomach as a result of prolonged emptying. Studies show that around 20 to 30 percent of diabetics suffering from "type 1 diabetes" are more prone to this diabetes complication because it severely damages the "vagus nerve" which is responsible for keeping the food moving through person's the digestive tract. Although it is also diagnosed among those who have "type 2 diabetes" the cases are comparatively lower.

Timothy Eller
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Systems are the Key to Duplication

W. Edwards Deming was known as "The Father of The Quality Evolution". Deming was a manufacturing and quality control guru who helped Japan rebuild after World War II.

Key Point - Deming said, "People want to succeed. They want to do a good job. They don't like to turn out lousy work. If your people are consistently failing, it's not their fault ... it's your system's fault."

Do you have a System that works?

The way that you introduce your prospect to your business is often the Key Reason whether they join your business or not.

Let me repeat that because this is a profound statement, and it needs to be something you not only understand ... but something that you do.

The way that you introduce your prospect to your business is often the Key Reason whether they join your business or not.

So what do I mean by "the way you introduce your prospect to your business is often the KEY REASON whether they join your business or not?"

Hint ... remember CIDI (Can I Do It)?

Well, rather than immediately tell you, I'm going to ask you some questions.

Do most people have a lot of free time?


What if some distributor (let's call them Joe) introduces you (pretend you are a prospect) to their opportunity and takes 30 minutes to do it?

What would you think?

You'd probably think ...

Well, it took Joe 30 minutes so I guess I'd need to spend 30 minutes to introduce this opportunity every time I want to share it with others ... and I don't have much free time!

By the way, I'm not saying you shouldn't spend time with your prospects ... the Key Point here is I'm talking about when you Initially Introduce your opportunity to others.

Now, back to my example with Joe the distributor and you as a prospect.

Would you join Joe's company if you thought it took 30 minutes to introduce the business to every prospect and time was a major concern for you?

Of course not ...

Would it matter how great the opportunity is and all of the benefits they offer (remember the benefits we discussed [previously)?

Of course not ... Why ...

Remember CIDI (Can I Do It)!

Key Point - If the way you Introduce your business is something that doesn't work for your prospect then they will never join your business.

Look forward to my next message where I'll teach you:

The 1 Key Reason Whether Someone Will Join Your Business or Not

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Wishing you Great Success,

Timothy Eller

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