I am the Love of Life Again and Again

The Daily Meditation 07.07.2013

I am the Love of Life Again and Again

Rev Martha Quintana, Senior Minister 

Martha_226-200x300.jpg?width=140I seek refuge in the energy of the Divine. I call It forth knowing that as I do, the Divine arrives in all of Its Glory, Beauty, and Peace. I bask in this Peace and know myself even better. I invoke and evoke the Divine and know that my own sacredness has been invoked, and it’s from this invocation that I pray my prayer.

I am the Divine Givingness of God feeling happy and whole. I am the Goodness of Grace finding itself again and again and as I love myself, I find the courage and empathy to love others. I find that absolute energy necessary to love my life with all my heart and these realizations leave me further in love with God – still. I am that hope, I am that dream, I am the love of life, again and again. This beautiful grace that surrounds me, is part of me, creates in me, and loves me. I am whole and I am blessed.

Recognizing this, I affirm and declare the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living is a place for all of us to find our own wholeness. Every single person who walks through our doors, who participates in leadership or as a volunteer, is refreshed. Any time the dark night of the soul returns, we turn to each other for solace. Truly each of us knows that the faith we seek in each other is a faith that we already hold.

I affirm and declare health – every idea, person, place, or thing that has poisoned our beings and contributed to the sickness flees our being and we are left whole. I affirm and declare abundance – every idea that has robbed us of our good now leaves. I affirm and declare love – every idea that has left us feeling lonely or abandoned no longer has room in our beings. I declare these things and know it is so. No thing unlike the Divine can withstand the sheer force of Love. I am loved this deeply.

I give thanks. I am grateful for my entire life, for my loved ones, for the Rio Grande Center, and most of all, for God who gives without reservation. Thank you. It is done.

And So It Is. Amen.

Rev Martha Quintana is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  • Great post Richard, loved reading it.

  • Thank You, Everyone for your kind comments. @Carolyn We would love to have you visit. BTW both my wife, Kathy and myself grew up in Illinois. She is from Joliet and I grew up in Morris. I have not been back to that area for a long time. I don't miss the winters and the humidity. lol. 

    May you all have a fantastic week!

  • Top Blogger

    Richard what an inspirational post thank you so much

  • Good post! Thanks for sharing. Next time I'm out thataway I'll have to visit.

  • Thanks for sharing

  • Top Member

    Great uplifting and spiritual post as usual Richard. It's been shared on Facebook, Google plus and tweeted. Have a fantastic day and wonderful week ahead.

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