We are publishing these blog posts to provide quality alternative health care, natural medicine, and natural healing information to help baby boomers and seniors live a longer, healthier, happier, more energetic and independent life without using prescription drugs.

So far, we have published a number of posts sharing some of our very serious personal health problems.


Because of the recommendations we received from our alternative health care physician, we immediately quit taking all the prescription drugs we were on (see cautionary note below), jumped heavily into an acid-alkaline diet, stopped eating a long list of foods that had been a regular part of our diet, increased our water intake, and started taking a number of all natural health care supplements every day.


Based on the results we have personally achieved in restoring our good health without using any prescription drugs, we now know that there are a lot of all natural solutions that are far more effective in restoring good health than often useless and dangerous prescription drugs.

But, we also know that you will never hear about any of these all natural solutions to restore good health from the medical professionals or the big pharmaceutical companies because there is no money in it for them!


We don't recommend that you abruptly quit taking your prescription drugs without a recommendation from your personal care physician.


In future blog posts, we will be sharing the foods we eat, the recipes we are using regularly, and the all natural supplements we are taking on a daily basis that have so dramatically changed our lives.


It has been brought to our attention that many of our readers have questions, comments, and personal health recovery testimonies of their own that they would like to share with our readers and many others have expressed an interest in reading testimonies from real people on how they recovered from specific illnesses without using prescription drugs.


Because of this, we would like to establish our Prime Life Resources Blog as a FREE FORUM for baby boomers and seniors to share natural healing testimonies, experiences, information, ideas and resources they have used that helped them overcome their own serious illnesses without drugs and/or to maintain their excellent health.


By sharing with each other, we will be able to help ourselves and a whole lot of other baby boomers and seniors live a longer, healthier, happier, more energetic and independent life!

Any information that will help us heal drug free is acceptable. However, we will not publish comments or information that is negative or bashes individuals, products or companies. Thank You!

So, if you are a baby boomer or senior who has recovered from a serious illness without taking prescription drugs using only natural foods, food additives, and all natural supplements, we are inviting you to share your personal health testimonies with our readers.


When writing your personal testimonies, please be as specific as possible and include the following:

  • Tell us what your illness was.

  • Was your illness medically diagnosed?

  • What were the medical recommendations?

  • Why did you not follow these recommendations?

  • What were the actions you took (what, when and how you did it)?

  • What were the foods, food additives, recipes, and all natural supplements, etc. you used to defeat your serious illness? and

  • What was the time frame of your full recovery?


Perhaps you don't have a testimony but are looking for an all natural solution to a specific illness or health problem. If so, simply define it and share that with our readers. Someone out there may just have the solution you are looking for.

Or, if you simply have questions or comments you would like to share in regard to the health problems experienced by baby boomers and seniors, feel free to share them also.


By sharing our comments, questions, and personal experiences with each other, we will be able to help ourselves and a whole lot of other baby boomers and seniors obtain much better health and live a longer, happier, more energetic, and independent life! And, because it is world-wide, the internet is a great place to share this kind of information.

If you like what we are presenting, we would appreciate it very much if you would share this post on your social media pages and tell all your family and friends about it.


To share your information, questions, comments, or personal health recovery testimonies, click on “Contact Us” at the top of this page and complete the form.

If you give us permission to publish, as soon as possible, we will publish your information, questions, comments, or personal health recovery testimony on our Prime Life Resources Blog for all our readers to see.

By sharing, you may have the solution to someone else's serious health problem or they may have the solution to yours!


We look forward to receiving and publishing your information, questions, comments, and personal testimonies. Take action and be one of the first responders - start sharing today!

Wishing You Long Life And Very Good Health,

Bill and Teddy Rogers

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