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Talk to yourself?

Talk to yourself?

talk to self

Do you talk to yourself? Do you ever wonderful if that's normal? Do you feel like you are the only one that does it?

I'm and only child so talking to myself growing up was not uncommon. Throughout my adult live on occasion I would, when faced with a problem discuss possible answers with myself.

I noticed over the past few years it's worsened to the point of I also chatter away in public, grocery store, while driving and so on which left me wondering...


This is some information that I found when I did a search:

Talking to Yourself: A Sign of Sanity

Though we live in a noisy world, many people struggle with too much silence in their lives. They are either living alone or living with others who are engrossed in their own thing. (That’s easy to do in the digital age).

Sure, you can always click on the TV, the radio, or your latest digital gizmo. But what happens if you’re aching for a live person to talk to? To bounce ideas off of? To appreciate your accomplishments (big or small)?

When you’re feeling lonely, chances are you’re neglecting to give enough attention to a very special person. One who is always there with you. Who’s that? Why, you, of course. So, talk to yourself. Not just in your head. But out loud.

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This is a very good article about talking to yourself but this one paragraph is what caught my eye and started me thinking...

Talking with yourself not only relieves the loneliness, it may also make you smarter. It helps you clarify your thoughts, tend to what’s important and firm up any decisions you’re contemplating.

This started me thinking about the fact that my husband is not a talker and yes that has over the years many times made me lonely for social enter action.

However, up until the past few years I have had my mom to talk with so that sufficed  for my need of social contact.

Then a few years ago mom started a spiral downward spin with Alzheimer's. This has taken away her ability of conversation at least most of it to the point of a few repeated conversations with her. 

I realized when reading this article that this was about the time my "Self Talk" really erupted into full blow conversations with my self. I found many times throughout the day I was talking to myself.

Didn't much matter as to where I was at whether at home, in the car or the grocery store.

If you are a self talker I hope that you find comfort in the article I mean granted "I am nuts" all my friends tell me so LOL but it's good to know it's not certifiable!  :)

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  • Top Blogger

    Hi Merle,

    Well hmmm maybe that is it lol. I was in the grocery store one day and chattering to my self (we lol were trying to decide on chips) I turn around there's this young guy staring at me like hmmm nuts i guess. LOL I told him, " don't worry I'm crazy but harmless" then we both laughed LOL.

  • Hi Susan, I used to put it down to having so many children and grandchildren, but I used to laugh to myself after I found I was talking with myself.  Have a great weekend.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Merle,

    That was really a relief to know actually lol to find out I'm not the only one.

    Thank you for your comment


  • Yes Susan, you are not alone !!  Great post, thanks for sharing.

  • Top Blogger

    Thanks Angela for your comment

    Hope you have a great weekend.


  • Excellent article Susan.  Talking to yourself with affirmations, afformations and anything else to build you up is fine.  We all need to hear ourselves so we can believe in ourselves.  Thanks for sharing.  Enjoyed.  Liked and Shared.

  • Top Blogger

    Hi Terri,

    Thank you for your comment :) you know I really had no idea how many people apparently talk to them self until I did some research on it. Although I'm glad I did because sure made me feel better lol

    I hope everyone enjoys it and I really hope it helps others :)


  • Top Member

    Nope you're not nuts. It's great that you shared your feelings about this with us today. Sharing it for more to see and understand.

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