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If you have read any of my posts, I talk a lot about the energy that surrounds our body, learning to get in touch with it and be aware of the healing powers of the energy system. Now for you folk who don’t know what that is, it is the energy that our biological body makes.

What Does Energy Feel Like From A Perspective View Of Practitioner And Client?Rhonda Johnson

I have never seen anyone else write about their views on this topic descriptively. You see topics on Healing Energy as I have written, but what does it feel like for the practitioner or the client? In this post I am going to try and give you a descriptive view of what it actually feels like physically and emotionally when you are aware of the presence of your energy.

I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, but I thought it might be of interest to you who are reading this to get some type ofdescriptive viewpoint. If you are ever thinking of getting an energy healing regardless of modality used for example Reiki, Kundalini, Polarity,  there are some common things people experience, I would like to share these with you. Always bear in mind that everyone is different and interpretations are not always the same.

As a practitioner:

What Does Energy Feel Like From A Perspective View Of Practitioner And Client?The Practitioner

The physical feeling that comes when you are connected to the flow of energy, when you are in the process of giving a healing session is like the most out of body meditation you can imagine. All healing is meditation with intention. Not all sessions are the same, sometimes the energy is instant, other times it is slow in responding. It’s total surrender from within when the energy comes through, total freedom from body. You have become a conduit, a vessel for the flow of universal energy. The consciousness becomes totally alert, but the thinking is turned off. An electrical current that sends every cell in your body into awareness, total bliss. It feels like waves that roll over your skin and deep into the core of who you are.

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Have you ever noticed that when you are in a negative frame of mind, you can actually justify it, in fact you can more than justify it,

you love it,

you feel connected to it,

it’s apart of something you know so well, 

you are not going to let it go for anyone,

not even yourself. 


What I mean when I say this, is when you are in a bad space and your head is in turmoil with all this negative crap that won’t leave you alone, somehow, there is a part of you that is enjoying it.

As bizarre as this sounds I have experienced this myself, and have caught myself out even trying to justify it, even when I know I am trying to justify it. You hate this feeling but somehow you can justify it, the fact is, being a victim feels good because it allows you to vent some pent up anger.


The ego loves drama, but more than anything else the ego loves you… oh yes 

ME MYSELF AND I. ……OH how that sounds divine, ME MYSELF AND I.

Never does that sound better than when you are feeling sorry for yourself, this is ego at it’s best.

Feeling like the world has cheated you,

feeling like everyone gets what they want but you.  

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Startling Scientific discoveries about the Power of Thoughts and Intentions..!!!

This is a must watch

“You can “HEAL” any Disease..!!! “SEE” it to “BELIEVE” it..!!!

Healing With Intention – Intention Is Meditation

If you think you have an incurable disease, if you think it yourself, you are right! If you think your problem is curable then you are also right!”


I do not believe when we are ill that we have asked for that illness. I believe that circumstances in our lives like stress have proceeded to give us this illness.  

No one intentionally  puts out into the universe that they want to be sick, that would be crazy.

I believe it is simply consequences of circumstances (Stress).

Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.

Living Matrix: Film on the New Science of Healing brings you breakthroughs that will transform your understanding of how to get well and stay well.

Now you can get an up-close look at the science of information as medicine. Leading researchers and health practitioners share their discoveries on the “miracle cures” traditional medicine can’t explain.

All Healing is healing with intention whether it be Western, Eastern or other. The intent is always to make us well.

Healing with intention is the most important factor in all Healing.

Intent for wellness is always the form of energy channeled when you have spiritual healers, or hands on healing. Reiki and polarity healing as well as many other forms of healing are all intent for wellness.

Visualisation is the key to channelling energy, a need for a still and focused mind is essential for beginners, but if you have visualisation down to a fine art you can do this anywhere and at any time.

There is lots of information on the skills of visualisation, you need to find a process that works for you.

Topics such as affirmationsvisualisationguided meditation, mental practice for achieving goals, law of attraction can all be found on the Internet, there is an abundance of information at your finger tips.Healing-With-Intention-Intention-Is-Meditation

Meditation is something we should do for ourselves everyday, in this way we are empowering ourselves as human beings, we are connecting to the source, the divine spark from which we came.

We make mistakes, we make bad choices, but we move on with forgiveness, “FORGIVENESS OF SELF”.
In forgiving ourselves we forgive all people. We send higher vibrations out into the world and our intentions become pure.

This thinking is very much Ho’oponopono

“Ho’oponopono” is the ancient healing system that has been around the Hawaiian culture for centuries. In a nutshell, Ho’oponopono assists you in establishing a direct connection to the Divine consciousness that exists within all of us.

It teaches you how to make that connection deep and permanent.

“The first basic principle of Ho’oponopono is that we are 100% responsible for everything in our life. No matter what.

No exceptions.

No excuses.

EVERYTHING, and by accepting responsibility, you can also change it.”

The Chakra System

This system is our own natural healing source, our knowledge centres. All intention flows through the chakras and out into the universe and back within the body. Meditating with the use of the chakras is a great way to boost vitality, get to know the chakra bodies and their energy.


Most healing is carried through the chakra system of the body, so it’s important that you understand the system and how it works.

Meditation is incredible, if you have mastered to block out all other chatter and just focus, there is nothing you can not do within the focus of meditation. Intention will take you anywhere, you can do anything, experience amazing sights and communicate with your guides.

When you are feeling unwell, if you can meditate on the thoughts of wellness it will help a great deal, (granted it is not always easy). I have spent a lot of time meditating on the inside of the body, visualising the illness and seeing the bodies own defence system kick into action and attacking the illness, if you are able to achieve this, it is certainly helpful at defending off illness.  


You can do this with visualisation even when you are busy doing your everyday things, you do not have to be in silence. You just need to be able to visualise in the third eye, something you can do and no one would even be aware you are doing this, it’s like a movie running in the background.

Healing With Intention – Intention Is Meditation. 

The reason why meditation is such a popular pass time is because it makes you feel fantastic. It wakes up the system, it rejuvenates you.


If you have not tried meditation or if you have not done it for a while, than make some time in your week just for you so that you may relax and meditate.

Rejuvenate the body, and energise the cells.

I hoped you enjoyed this post, remember

intention is meditation.

Chris and I are passionate about helping others who resonate with our experiences, we have this blog so we can write about life’s challenges and how they can be faced and overcome.

We hope that reading this will give you some valuable information that will help in your life…

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Nature Gives You Vitality

Nature gives you Vitality

It’s like a blanket of warmth, a protective layer, a friend you can always count on.

When moving through nature it is enlightening, it takes away all the business of the day and just floats it away.

Nature Gives You Vitality

Dragon fly in our back yard enjoying the plants.

I am always humbled at what nature has to share, there is always something extraordinary to see if you just stop for a moment and take the time to look.

There is nothing more empowering than spending time in our fantastic backyard. A backyard that is for ever changing and giving us new things to look at.

With this post I ask you to take the time, some time this week to just stop and observe the beauty of nature, be it the trees on the way to work, a flower in the garden, the cloud formations on the drive home, just breathe for a moment and feel the glory and power of nature.

I always try to take my camera if I am on a nature walk, you never know what amazing things you might get to see along the way.

Its always like a new adventure every time you wander out into nature because every day is so different.

As you slowly relax and unwind you begin to connect and zone into whats going on around you, suddenly everything seems to be easy to see.

The insects are flying all around, the birds are noisy in the trees, and the flora becomes richer and brighter in colour, nature just takes over.You feel alive and it feels like all your senses have woken up as if they had been asleep.

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One Thing We All Need To Do For Our Elderly.

We need to acknowledge our elderly and take the time to communicate with them. 

One Thing We All Need To Do For Our Elderly

“A new study looking at the link between loneliness and premature death found that lonely older adults have a 14 percent increased risk of dying early than their peers who have strong social ties.

The study was conducted by researcher John Cacioppo, professor of psychology at the University of Chicago and colleagues. Their study was presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual meeting in Chicago.”

One Thing We All Need To Do For Our Elderly.

We need to acknowledge our elderly and take the time to communicate with them. 

Having worked with elderlypeople for years, I have seen the feelings of isolation and depression that can take hold and end the lives of those elderly people that feel they have no one. Isolation certainly is an ingredient to an earlier death for the elderly, in fact from my observations, isolation is a number one ingredient for depression in the elderly.

<a Post Continued Here

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Are you new to building an email list? Even if you are not, read on. This is a Ninjas way how to build an email list without knowing how to build a capture page, FOR FREE!

Building your list is far more powerful than making one-off sales. The money is in the backend process of email marketing to your leads. Get this right and you are set in your business for life, TREAT YOUR LEADS GOLD.

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If your not new to Capture Pages then you know the 1 Step2 Step, and 3 StepOPTIN methods.

Introducing the Zero Step OPTIN

Excited? OK good, you should be, because you can replicate this method and build your email list, share it with your friends or marketing team so that they can easily duplicate it.

Tip 1:  The Lead 

You have to know and understand what a lead really is, and know why you them. If you don’t, then even beginning at step 1 is not going to solve any thing for you.

Tip 2: The Pathway of The Lead

The usual process is someone clicks on a link and then are taken to a Capture Page. Then that someone enters (Optin) their email, and sometimes their name and become your Lead.

Using Zero Step Optin you don’t need to know how to build or even use a capture page.

Tip 3: Tools Of The Trade

You will need to create a List Name, and get an Autoresponder, a List Name and a what? An Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mailsent to it. A list name is simply the name of the file you create on the autoresponder to store the Leads.

Tip 4: Take ListWire for a FREE Test Drive…YES…this autoresponder isCompletely FREE…No hidden Costs!

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ListWire is one of a few autoresponders that does this neat trick called Zero Step OPTIN, and it allows you to email multiple people and be compliant with CAN-SPAM by giving people the ability to OPT OUT (unsubscribe) from your list.

Click the banner below and create your FREE Autoresponder account

List Wire - Get Your Free Autoresponder

Create a Unique email  List Name in your Autoresponder, this is my Unique List Name in ListWire zerosteps@listwire.com

List Name is the Unique email List Name created in the ListWire Autoresponder in step 3.

New leads are sent a confirmation email, similar to this:

Clicking the link  confirms that you give us permission
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all future emails will be sent to the correct email address.

This is called a double optin, it can’t be bypassed in ListWire, this also helps stopping spammers going nuts and killing your autoresponder.

Tip 5: Test your link

For Example my new Link Name zerosteps@listwire.com

Congratulations, that is your Zero Step Optin link…

Post it everywhere, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog, Website, you get the idea…

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  • You don’t need to create a capture page, the link you created capture a prospect’s email.
  • No need to worry about click through rates? not now, the email is the click.
  • You dont need to create adcopy to capture leads, the link already captured their email.
  • Your lead is set to receive your email follow up series from your Autoresponder (requires a little setup) or you could simply send a broadcast email.
  • All this is ZERO STEP COST.


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Happiness on a cellular level

Happiness on a cellular level

Post Image

What does happiness really mean?

What effect does happiness have on our body?

Did you know that Our Genes Respond Positively to The Right Kind of Happiness.

All your questions that have been answered below.

Happiness on a cellular level


Happiness on a cellular level


It seems science has now discovered different levels of happiness on a cellular level.

Below I have included two inserts, one interesting article talking about the difference in what I call artificial happiness and true happiness, the other link is the results of some scientific research.

Instead of filling our lives with “things” that we think make us happy, we need to do some serious introspective questioning as to what really makes us happy, content and fulfilled.

Here is scientific proof telling us that we must eliminate those belief systemsthat don’t cater to our true needs.

The link below shows the results of a study: Authors

Two forms of happiness

Led by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Kenan, Distinguished Professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the researchers looked at the biological influence of the two forms of happiness through the human genome. The link below shows the results of a study: Authors

A functional genomic perspective on human well-being

Participants in this study reported their levels of two different types of happiness:

  • Feeling good or hedonic happiness: the kind of happiness you get from buying those new shoes you wanted.
  • Doing good or eudemonic happiness: Happiness that comes from searching for meaning in your life, selfless acts of kindness.

Experiencing  both types of happiness felt equally happy. They discovered that for conscious experience, neither type of happiness beat the other.

Happiness on a cellular level

Stronger expression of antibody and antiviral genes

The difference showed however at the genetic level. Those with higher levels of ‘doing good’ happiness, showed a stronger expression of antibody and antiviral genes. What this means is that you are in fact healthier. You could say (and this is my interpretation of it) that your immune system is stronger.

So what does this mean? It means that real happiness, the happiness that comes from a deep level, happiness that brings  meaningful, thoughtful, purposeful emotions can actually make you healthier. Artificial happiness that fills the void for a short time, may feel good but there are no health benefits from it.

Human Body Distinguishes Between ‘Hedonic’ and ‘Eudaemonic’ Happiness on Molecular Level 

This is another interesting article from Nature world news. 

by Tamarra Kemsley

Happiness on a cellular level

Molecular level

Happiness On A Cellular Level 

This is where you need to stop and strip back all the beliefs of who you think you are and listen very carefully to your inner self, because even on a molecular level, the human body is able to distinguish between meaningful purpose versus simple self-gratification

Listen to what motivates you, listen to that inspiring self. Listen to your true self and discover what you need in order to be fulfilled, happy and peaceful.

Happiness on a cellular level


I think most people feel good when they are able to help others. No matter what material things we own, it is essentially communication with other human beings that gives us purpose in our lives.

“Philosophers have long distinguished two basic forms of well-being: a ‘hedonic’ form representing an individual’s pleasurable experiences, and a deeper ‘eudaemonic,’ form that results from striving toward meaning and a noble purpose beyond simple self-gratification,” wrote Fredrickson and her colleagues.

Happiness on a cellular level


Now I have to say I have never heard the two words before hedonic and eudaemonic but perhaps I should have. Teaching the meaning of happiness would be great in our education system, teaching people what one really needs to be happy.

All images are thanks to Pixabay.

I hope you enjoyed the post for today.  

Lets get out there and do what it is that really makes us happy. If you have anything to add on the topic I would love to hear form you, please go down to the comment box below and leave me a comment, that would be great.  

Love and light. 

Be Happy.

P.S if you are thinking about starting your own online business than join us on the other side, click the link at the very bottom of this post and realize your potential it’s that simple.

If you have something to say then share your story, we know you’ve got one.


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Spirituality And Gardening Is Fueled By Just One Seed

Why do you love to garden?

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed


Do you love the outcome of all your hard work, the flowers when they bloom?

Do you love the produce you can harvest when they are ripe and ready?

Do you love the feel of the soil under your fingers?

Do you just love to sit and admire your work, taking it all in and feeling just so grounded and magic?


Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

When you love to garden it’s more than just a physical workout, It’s more than a mental task, it’s something so much more that is hard to explain.

Gardening is hard work, that’s if you’re a serious gardener, there’s soil to move around and weeds to dig, and the garden always needs a good turn. Why is it then by the end of the gardening session when we feel absolutely stuffed we actually feel so damn good inside?

It’s a spiritual experience.

Gardening actually grounds us.

What does that mean?

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

The living world

We have 7 main chakras in our body, they start from the head and run down to your toes. When the bodies energy gets out of balance it can create lots of problems for you mentally, physically,emotionally and spiritually.

The best way to realign and balance your chakra energy is to toil in the soil, yes that’s right folks toil in the soil.

Your energy will balance itself through the harmonious relationship we have with the earth as you toil in the soil.

You become grounded like a magnet to the earth, this is the main reason why we feel so damn good after gardening, no matter how tired our body feels, we still feel like we have achieved something great, and that’s because we have.

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed


Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed


Gardening gives us that valuable space that so many of us need, it gives us time out from people, busyness and just life.

We can go to that place in our heads that no body can get to, it’s a vacant space, an empty car lot that just sits there enjoying it’s ability to be just that, vacant.

When you garden you usually start off with a huff and a puff, the noise in your head is loud and the voices and thoughts are constantly changing.  

You are going over all the information you have collected over the week. You are doing all this as well as starting off your gardening day.

As you continue to garden the noise gets quieter, the voices dull away and you find that vacant lot, you feel the soil between your fingers and you smell the scent of lavender dancing before your nose.

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

The Happy Place

You are feeling relaxed in the zone, you have found your happy place.

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

When you plant your flowers and your vegetables, and your hands move the soil and caress the worms, finding the depth for the roots to find there home, it feels great.

That tiny plant stands their alone, insecure, a little limb as it struggles but fights to stand tall wanting for the cool air to help it find it’s feet. You sit back and appreciate what your garden will look like in 2 months time.

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

Colour and Scent

You plant your snap dragons and cornflowers, your larkspur and stock. You already know the scent is going to be heaven as your flowers blossom with their radiant colours.

You plant snap dragons and cornflowers and their in the corner you have the wall flowers planted so their scent waffles up through the window of the house.

There in the distance you have magnolia trees in many of their wonderful colours, the lemon, wine and white, they make a fine portrait all on their own.

You have Rhododendrons and Camellia trees to paint the back drop behind the house and there down the long drive way you have lovely cherry blossom trees.

You know that deep in the soil you have planted tulip bulbs and Dahlias, you have early cheer and daffodils, hyacinths, crocus and last but not lest the adorable freesias. The aroma to your nose is like honey to the bee, even in your imagination you can smell them, and see them.

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

Foxglove plants are poisonous

Always take note of poisonous plants in your garden just incase you have small children coming into your home.

I know that foxglove, daphne, and crocus and very poisonous to small children, also the berries on the fuchsia plant so just something to always be aware of.

Planting plants that keep mosquitoes away is a fine idea to do especially if you have any water features.

There is nothing like a native tui in the garden with you, singing away her beautiful song as you toil in the soil.

She sits there in her kowhai tree drinking away on the nectar of the gods. She sings louder as she knows you are listening, she can’t help but show off her magnificent voice.

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

Spring and all it’s colour

Attracting birds to your garden is very easy and lots of fun to do. If you have lots of logs and rocks in your garden you will certainly be attracting Lizards. loads of fun for your cats and they will sit and watch for hours. (hopefully not catch one)

Well thats my chat about gardening, get out their and find inspiration in all the colours and scents that will just leave you in bliss.

Enjoy the outdoors, find your essence in the soil and ground your body in the earth, enjoy the fruits of your labour.

I leave you with some wonderful quotes.

“Connection with gardens, even small ones, even potted plants, can become windows to the inner life.  The simple act of stopping and looking at the beauty around us can be prayer.”   Patricia R. Barrett, The Sacred Garden 

Spirituality and gardening is fuelled by just one seed

Beauty and Colour

“Your garden will reveal yourself.” Henry Mitchell

“In all things of nature there is something marvellous.” – Aristotle

“A garden is the best alternative therapy.” – Germaine Greer

“There is more pleasure in making a garden than in contemplating a paradise.” – Anne Scott James

“Without the body, the wisdom of the larger self cannot be known.”   John Conger


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  1. avatarMissy
    10:18 pm on July 6th, 2015

    Chur Rhonda that was a well written part of your teenage years that was way ahead for that time hahaha totally cool perspective on suicide that no one really wants to talk about aye Chur.I remember I had a project at college and my subject was Death hahaha I went to a funeral parlour and asked them if they could talk to me about how they deal with Death wow right that’s when my fascination with think outside the box started then hahaha chur

    • avatarChris Moofish
      12:14 pm on July 7th, 2015

      …. laugh out loud…You’ve got to have people like us in the world aye Missy, those few that question everything…LOL

  2. avatarShaun Trewern
    12:52 am on July 7th, 2015

    Thank you for writing this blog. It is very badly needed in today’s world.

    • avatarChris Moofish
      12:27 pm on July 7th, 2015

      Thanks Shaun I couldn’t agree with you more. We all need to get our heads out of the sand and realise that this is a pressing issue that so needs to be opened up and talked about. Each and every one of us have somehow had a connection to suicide in our lives, whether by someone we know or have heard of. Talking about it might take away the stigma of mental illness and bring it out into the open as an every day reality because that is exactly what it is. Regards Rhonda

  3. avatarErica Udeanu
    4:03 am on July 7th, 2015

    My birth father committed suicide. Even to this day I haven’t really processed what that means. I was 5. All I knew was that one day he was there and the next day a nurse was telling me he was gone. To this day I still don’t have an emotion to attach to that moment. I was very matter-of-fact about it. Life went on. It had to.

    I’m not too sure however that I would call what he did brave … I think he was just hurting so much and the only way to ease his pain was to go.

    Sadly he had reached out to the medical profession & had been admitted to hospital … but somehow … when he got out … things didn’t go well.

    And that’s a story for another day.

    Thank you for writing about this subject … and yes … as Shaun mentioned … it is a subject that needs to be discussed.

    We were never really allowed to discuss it … it was almost as if it never happened.

    • avatarChris Moofish
      12:43 pm on July 7th, 2015

      Thanks Erica that’s a very personal experience on the topic, thank you so much for sharing!
      Yes I understand you when you say, “we were never really allowed to discuss it, it was almost as if it never happened.” To often in the past this has indeed been the way people have dealt with the topic. It’s such a frightening issue to discuss for most people, death in general is somewhat of a “no no” in conversation.
      We now live in 2015, we have had missile threats, bomb threats, human life is lost everyday in war,we go to the airport and have to be scanned, body searched and swabbed, and why incase we are going to kill someone, plant a bomb or hijack the plane. Seriously and no body wants to talk about suicide…….??? something is not right here. Regards Rhonda

  4. avatarZen
    4:21 am on July 7th, 2015

    Great post, and I understand what you mean about brave/courage bc it is a huge act. And one thing to your point is that I found something I was going to post, it said, “… because someone who was depressed suddenly appears to be happy, it doesn’t mean they’re past it, it could mean they’ve got the suicide planned” …
    …and this happened in 2 cases I’ve been close to, but when it came to my courage to post it, I didn’t bc I know the reaction is that it’s negative stuff to post about (it is but that doesn’t stop the fact that it could be helpful info for someone dealing with a depressed loved one).
    Thanks for openly posting on the topic.
    XO, Zen

    • avatarChris Moofish
      12:58 pm on July 7th, 2015

      Thanks Zen there is no other way to deal with this topic if we are truly going to get a handle on it and save lives, it must be talked about. People don’t want to die, they quite simply can’t see another alternative that suits. People don’t always want to talk about their problems do you? I don’t.
      I am sorry to hear that you have experienced 2 people taking their lives, I to have known someone take his own life, he left behind a partner and 2 small children. It truly and simply was a decision and choice by that individual to do this, no one had any idea of his depression or plan, So we never know what anyone is truly thinking, happy or sad makes no difference. The way I view it, if we talk about it more, people might feel safe to discuss their private thoughts more openly. regards Rhonda

  5. avatarRodney Martin
    4:48 am on July 7th, 2015

    As I am beginning to see, you love to tackle those ‘Hard’ topics that others are not up for but should be thinking about.
    As a young person, I admit to having suicidal thoughts primarily because I didnt follow the status quo … I was ever the rebel. I was always in trouble because I thought differently, questioning everything, thinking outside the box, creating a nuisance for my teachers and parents. This stemmed from my imagination and creative abilities and the fact that I read an amazing amount of various older / mature reading material. Books were always my escape from religious oppression… my father being a minister really didnt help much. Lol.
    I think my leaving school and that whole regimented style of learning was my saving grace. I also believe that walking away from my fathers religious fervour was also a big help in my still being here today
    Life is about the choices we make and the strength of purpose to walk the path that we choose. Death is the end of that journey and even though I believe your view that it takes incredible strength of purpose to take ones life … I valued my path more than not being able to experience as much of what is beautiful in life, more than giving over to Death.
    Thank you Rhonda for writing this blog. It does indeed seem to be the last taboo subject but, It needs to be opened up and discussed.

    • avatarChris Moofish
      1:10 pm on July 7th, 2015

      What a beautiful comment and warm response Rodney, now that one hit home, perhaps I felt I was looking in the mirror at times when reading this. “Life is about the choices we make and the strength of purpose to walk the path that we choose.” oh so true Rodney, like you I valve my path and believe all the crap builds your character. If we could bottle some of that strength and place it with the preserves and open up a jar when we were feeling a little low on energy that would be great…. giving over to death well I think we all have to much to do and to much to see, life is short enough how it is..Thanks again Rodney.. Regards Rhonda

  6. avatarNancy Loehr
    8:17 am on July 7th, 2015

    Wow! Powerful subject and another subject people do not want to discuss. I have had some exposure to this in my world but it is something that many people put in the “too painful to deal with” pile in their IN basket (thought process). Another great post appreciated – thank you.

    • avatarChris Moofish
      1:14 pm on July 7th, 2015

      Hi Nancy like every single person here you are not alone… this is the point I am making in my article, such a common reality but so little said about it. I am pleased you appreciated my post,thank you Nancy means a lot to me to have people acknowledge the fact that it needs discussing.. this topic holds so much pain for so many people lets open it up and set it free..Regards Rhonda

  7. avatarHelen LIngard
    8:45 am on July 7th, 2015

    wow – yes powerful topic… I have no experience with suicide and I’ve never felt I wanted to do it, either but for whatever reason I have amazing compassion about it.. Knowing I couldn’t do it – I do think its brave… and I think its just awful that those people are in such a place that they are not thinking about the incredible hurt of those left behind… I have a friend whose father committed suicide, I think she was pregnant at the time too… so I can’t image how it feels to lose a parent or child or anyone to it.. I know if it were me, part of me would feel I’d failed.. although I know that would not be the case. Thanks for sharing Rhonda, what a emotive subject ..

    • avatarChris Moofish
      1:38 pm on July 7th, 2015

      Thanks Helen, thanks kindly for your comment, I agree with you Helen when you say the amount of trauma those left behind go through is enormous, in some cases so enormous that people are unable to work through it. I believe some people have immunity to suicidal thoughts while others are plagued with them, It’s certainly a very personal journey. Thanks Helen appreciate your comments always. regards Rhonda.

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So What Are Orbs? Good Question.

Some years ago I got a little obsessed about finding the truth behind the questionable Orb.  

All photo you see here were taken by myself over this period of time.

what are orbs



For 7 years, yes folks 7 years I worked hard to find out, was an orb explainable or was it not?

I came up with some rather interesting data.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?




I am a believer in anything I have experienced myself, I believe anything I see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, experience in my own body, but in saying that I am a skeptic in regards to having to know the what, whys and whens, I am no push over.

Even a believer likes to have some foundation to base an opinion on, it can’t just be because I said so, that doesn’t work with me.

 What Are Orbs And What Do They Mean? We Will Never Know

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?I realised one day like many of us that in my photographs were these mysterious orbs. I started taking photos at different times of the day, weather dependant if there was lots of moisture in the air, if not (looking for water moisture) Nothing I did changed the outcome of the photographs. 

I then wrote to the camera company asking them if my particular camera (digital Olympus) was reported to have problems with orbs showing and they of course said NO but went on to tell me their opinion was  orbs were just dust particles.

I had a friend who was a photography expert. He has patented his own 3D photography cameras. He got involved with his cameras to show me once and for all, that what we were seeing were indeed dust particles. Suited me I just wanted some answers. He set up two 3D cameras right beside each other, they were fitted on to a piece of wood, there was one trigger that would set both cameras off to take a photo at the same time.

In order for the object to be a dust particle photographed on one camera, the object had to be just a couple of millimetres in front of the lens.

In the case the object was photographed in both cameras at the same time, meant that the object had to be some distance from the cameras, this wood mean it was not a dust particle.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?His idea was:

If a dust particle came close to the lens and a photo was taken with both cameras at the same time, the dust particle would show up in only one photo from one camera, not both cameras as the particle could only be in front of one lens.

We did this experiment. WOW….

We put dust particles in front of one camera. The two 3D cameras took a photo, we would expect one photo to have dust orbs on it, the other photo will not have orbs at all as there was no dust..

Both cameras took a photo of one lovely orb. (Impossible if this was a dust particle) as the dust particles were only in view of one lens. We examined the photos, There were in fact no dust orbs on any photo, only this beautiful one orb on both photos. we estimated the orb was at least several metres away as the focal point for both cameras was some metres away. My friend was so horrified he took the evidence and to this day has never spoken about this since, so I do not have the evidence to show you (wish I did).

This is a soap bubble. I wanted to take photos of these just to observe the sphere shape and the motion. The motion is the same as the orbs.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?what are orbs 101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?






I did so many experiments 

Coloured water in droplet and mist spray, cold mist spray, hot steam, below zero fog, frost molecules, dust particles, pollen particles, vacuum cleaner dust, wind particles, you name it I experimented with taking photos of it all.

There are 101 experiments you can do and 101 reasons why you will never know the truth because everyone has a different interpretation of what they are seeing.   

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?







101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?










 I did prove without a doubt a few things.

Animals are very aware of orbs at ALL Times. Our cats would run around being stupid chasing invisible things, if you take a photo at that moment, you will see with out a doubt they are actually playing with orbs.

You can invite orbs to you and they will appear, they do have some intelligent form of communication.

Once you become aware of their energy and what they feel like (which is of a loving curious nature) you can sit outside at night with a camera and wait till they come to take a photo that way you will indeed catch an orb on camera. This is how I have managed to catch all my orbs on photo.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?











These are unidentified orbs. You can see the energy signature around the orb, which dust particles etc do not have.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?

Some people believe Orbs are people who have passed on. I personally do not believe this.

They do have an intelligence, they are loving and curious but they are not human, or of human spirit.

Perhaps at some stage they had human DNA but not now.

I can say this because of the years of experiments and experience that I have had with orbs. I sort of got to know them, you could say. I believe they are multi dimensional entities. I believe they are living consciousness, more advanced than ourselves but at the same time in saying that, we have become a huge curiosity for them, as we are able to communicate with them while being contained in a biological body.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs? 101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?





These orbs you see here below, that have more than one orb these are interesting.

These photos were taken when there was more than one person in conversation. The photos were taken at the moment there was debate going on in regards to more than one person having an opinion about something. The reaction on the orbs was amazing..

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?






Trying to get an orb photographed behind something is nearly impossible which makes you think that perhaps these are dust particles because no one seems to be able to get them behind something.

I have a few photo of orbs and nature but not where you can really clearly say the orb is behind the tree apart from the middle photo, I think indicates clearly the red orb is behind the tree.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?






It’s like I said you will never get the answers you want as everyone has their own ideas of what orbs are but I hope you enjoyed the tour of some of my orbs.

Before I leave I am putting up a photo that I took on 35mm film, I had to get the film developed.

The reason I did this was because they say orbs are a digital problem well I proved other wise with this photo.

You have to look really hard to find it here as the photo is small and the orb is very faint. There is a red orb just above the out side of the conservatory roof on the left hand side.  Difficult to see in this small photo but it is there.

what are orbs 101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?




What's Wrong with your life? ... How you can claim it back! follow the arrow in to the other side of the conservatory roof and just there is a red orb, very faint.




I leave you with more photos, thanks for reading.

Happy orb hunting…


101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?




 Leave Me a comment love to hear your opinions.

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?





101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?

101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?101 Reasons why we will never know. What are Orbs?



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In Question

Sometimes I look at myself and see a fragile

old woman, returned to grasp onto

something she never had. Perhaps memories

take me back to something I never knew,

yet somehow it is close at reach…

There are times when I see a beautiful

woman, full of life and vibrant, yet not knowing

where to turn or where to look for refuge

and with that I see myself.

An old mind of memories, wrapped up in a body so much younger and alive.

The two they clash, with what was and what is, a battle of promise began in life,

I have now until to the finish, to reach what I had then.


In Between

When that happens and only then, I will be


I will be content within, when she has found

her return, and the young beautiful woman

will find scope to progress and live as one.

I shall be free and have peace and harmony

this fragile old woman.



27 years later looking at oneself.


I am here in this time the old woman that I see in the mirror

not so old to be old, but old enough to not be young.


In Time

The beautiful girl has vanished and the dark

hair has changed it’s colour, the skin is no

longer smooth and soft, and the body no

longer firm and slim.

But I am still here the thoughts, the

memories grasping something I still do not

know what is.

Time has been hard, and life has indeed had

it’s moments but my life is still in tact.

My mind is still alive and my thoughts still

take me places I can only write about.

I have lost, I have lived, I have cried, I have

laughed, I have been and somewhere

imprinted in some stone is the cast of my presence.

I shall remain here until time no longer exists,

perhaps buried under soil or sand, perhaps at the ocean floor.

Like this stone I shall tumble and roll with the flow of

the waves at my side, waiting for a new soul to handle this moment, this journey,

this embrace of eternity.


I have Laughed

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1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health
The Most Important Reason why You are the best Advocate in regards to your own health.


If you feel there is something wrong follow it up. Trust what your body is saying to you, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU NEED TO RETURN TO YOUR DOCTOR.

1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health

Having had a smear test 6 months earlier and it saying all was fine, I got diagnosed with C3 cervical cancer when I was 21 years old.

The only reason I found out I had cancer was because I would not let up in regards to getting tested again because I knew something was wrong. When my results came through and indeed it showed cancer, I was told that the cancer was so aggressive that had I not had the test done, 3 months down the line I would be preparing my funeral.

That story is such a long time ago feels like another life time, but sine than I have had numerous operations for one thing or the other, 23 to be exact.

I have had 3 close calls to the pearly gates and have had the medical profession scratching their heads more than once, twice or even three times asking themselves what have we got here? (medical mystery)

1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health
You are your best advocate

This lightly sums up my medical career, indeed I have equivalent to a PHD in medicine and know more about the human body (My body) than most doctors.

I have had so many strange things happen in my body, that all the specialists that I have, all laugh and joke at the fact that once they cut me open there would always be something unusual. The chances are there would be more to find than first thought, or the opposite. There will be absolutely nothing there when in fact images indicate there should be.

Thank goodness for their sense of humour.

My journey on this planet started off with resentment of being born. From the moment my mum went into labour, I protested at arms length at the fact that I did not want to come back to be born again, but alas lessons to be learned and passed on, so here am I, forceps delivered and fighting all the way.

On this incredible journey I have seen so many aspects of myself, it seems impossible to imagine there are so many. My search for answers started off as a selfish quest, to lighten my own load of burdens which I carried upon my shoulders. I was looking for ways to unload the pain and emotional trauma that I had experienced in my life.

A Humble Thanks

My selfish quest has turned into something of humble thanks, as I learn and renew my ideas, constantly I am gifted with a ever ending flow of information and love. Constantly the universe shows me unconditional love in the rawest and most beautiful of forms. I feel like I have been blessed in so many ways.

They said I would never have children but Chris and I do have one beautiful daughter, her name being Angel because she really was our miracle baby.

I have had so many fantastic, wonderful, and surreal experiences in my life, some so truly bizarre they are unbelievable. I had the best parents anyone could ask for. I was blessed to have been given a gift, a gift that my father was aware of and in knowing this, taught me important skills when I was a child. Skills that would help me learn about myself, skills that would help me deal with my life. My father taught me the power of the mind.

What started off as a selfish quest to lighten my load has turned into a lifetime of gathering and teaching the unconditional love that the universe bestows upon me.

1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health

Why have I had so many different amazing experienced in my life?

I learned and listened, to what the universe was saying.

I survive all the crap that I have had to endure, because of this, it has set me up in a perfect position, to be a conduit.

Here are some situations in my life that were crap, but in saying that these situations helped me become who I am today so I am truly grateful.

I know what it’s like to keep a secret for many years because of fear, because as a child one man using Neuro Linguistic programming told me that it was my fault, my parents would hate and punish me, they would not love me, if ever I said to them that he was touching me.( 7 years of sexual abuse as a child) I SURVIVED
I know what it is to struggle with spirituality, afraid of religious doctrines, afraid of burning in hell, I lived with demons every day. Real and spiritual. I SURVIVED
I know what it is like to be deluded, thinking that you have all the answers about what is good for your life, this deluded thinking took me down some very dark and dangerous pathways. I SURVIVED
I know what it feels like when the noise of life gets so loud in your head that you can not find your own thoughts anymore. I SURVIVED
I know what it’s like when you suddenly realise you no longer exist in the equation, that all your passions and dreams have withered away on the ocean shore, and that you are drowning in an ocean of lost hopes and dreams, leaving you feeling pointless. I SURVIVED
I know the feelings of losing unborn children, two children I did not physically meet. I SURVIVED
I know what it feels like to be an empath, when you feel someone else’s pain, the emotions pumping through your veins, the depression, confusion and pain but there is nothing you can do, because you don’t even know their name. I SURVIVED
I know what it’s like to be faced with your own mortality, are you going to die, is this the end of your life, Is today going to be your last day. I SURVIVED
I know what it’s like to have to learn to walk all over again, after surgery, wondering if you will ever run or enjoy life as you used to. I SURVIVED
I grew up with a view of the world that was different to what everyone else saw. I grew up with an insight as to what was behind the veil. I SURVIVED
1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health
Listen to Yourself

Life is strange, complicated and odd in many ways but it is exciting, fascinating and all inspiring in so many other ways, it is continually calling me to pursue more courage for more knowledge.

1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health

Nobody knows your body better than you.

Listen to everything your intuition is telling you.

Be an Advocate for your own health, take charge, take control, follow through on intuitive feelings.

DO NOT let the medical profession bully you, belittle you or ignore you. !!!

Be strong get your answers, get results, don’t settle for a non explanation.

I kept a journal for my daughter, I started writing it in 1994. Very time I went in for surgery I knew there was a possibility that I would never come home, The more surgery you have the higher the risk of complications. I would write to Angel like it was the last thing a mum would write to her daughter always telling her how proud I was and how much I loved her.

My Dad gave me an incredible gift.

My dad taught me when I was 4 years old the value of mind, the value of concentrated energy and thought. This has at the end of the day got me through so much, it gives me strength when I need it the most.

I did not like church, and always had an issue with church authority even as a little girl. My father new this and in order for me to sit quietly in church for an hour he taught me a game. He would tell me to stare at the back of someones head that was near the front of the church. He told me if I stared at the back of their head long enough and really concentrated I could get them to turn around and look directly at me, but they would not see me. Sure enough this game kept me busy and entertained for the hour, and dad would often give me a nudge with his elbow when he saw the whole front row turn around and look our way…

1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health
The Gift of Mind

This valuable skill that my dad taught me has helped me deal with physical, mental and emotional pain. What my dad taught me was how powerful the mind and thought could be, in fact it was not until I got much older that I realised just how powerful all this stuff could really be.

I say I am a conduit because I do not have the answers to all the unexplainable events that have happened in my life, events that have no logical explanation so I have come to the conclusion there is a bigger source playing it’s hand, and I am but the vessel. Like each and everyone of you, we are all vessels. Now is the time to share with you my story.

Much of what I will be sharing with you in my blog are things that have deep meaning for me. I have struggled with health problems all my life, and when my dad died I found one of Louise Hays books. From that day I have questioned every thought, trying to find clues as to where my thinking has failed me as to why I have had so many health problem, but I have learnt it is not in my thinking, it is simply my journey.

Someone asked me on one of my posts what website was I sourcing my information. I was a little taken back at first, wondering why someone would ask such a thing but then I realized I take for granted what is in my head. I have my own website which I put together while I was in Canada. I have not been practicing healing since my return to New Zealand so the website is on the back burner while I explore my place in blogging.

1 Reason Why You Are The Best Advocate In Regards To Your Own Health
Now I Write

Everything I post in this blog is in the hope that I will be helping/teaching someone something that they find useful and enlightening. I have been blessed to have had some real crap in my life, of which I am grateful for other wise I may never have learned the knowledge I have now.

Our lives are uniquely our own experience. We all have a job to help those that need our support, if we have survived, we can help others survive.

Love and light to all, stay strong and listen to your body when it speaks, it is trying to tell you something.

Like you I have struggled endlessly to find my purpose, I have stopped looking now and just decided to write.

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7 Things You Need To Know To Survive Life

Everything in life is temporary.

If you didn’t already know this, it’s time you took note.

We are only here for a short time, so while we are here, lets make the most of the time we have because before we know it, it will all be over.

Hard times in life come and go, but if there is one thing to be sure of, it’s we get through the tough times, we may struggle, but we always bounce out the other end with a smile. (remember this)

So when things go belly up, take a breath and step forward one step at a time, knowing that whatever the struggle, you are going to be ok and you will in fact be learning something remarkable about yourself along the way. Life is temporary, emotions are temporary, thoughts are temporary, struggle is temporary, the night is temporary because every morning the sun comes up and gives you a new day. Our moments here are temporary lets make them count for something, something important.

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Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle

There is a castle made entirely of huge blocks of limestone, it is near Miami Florida. You are wondering yep what’s so impressive about that? It is claimed that a single man built it alone, using only simple hand tools.

The man’s name was Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951). Born in Latvia.

The mystery is so thick on this topic, that every website you visit, has a different take on how Edward built it, and how the stones were moved.

When asked how he managed to move large limestone blocks, Edward simply replied that he understood the laws of weight and leverage.

Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Edward Leedskalnin

At the age of 28 It is said Edward became engaged to a 16-year old girl namedAgnes Scuffs, whom he refereed to as his “Sweet Sixteen.” The day before their wedding Edward was told by his love Agnes that because of his age and financial instability she no longer wanted to marry him.

Devastated he left his home land and traveled working here and there until finally arriving in Florida.

Edward purchased an acre of ground in Florida City for $12. Apparently Edward had made and saved enough money from his labors while traveling that this allowed him to work on his castle.

Edward single-handedly and without heavy machinery moved 1,000 tons of limestone and created a castle.

He made numerous furniture pieces including rocking chairs, beds, a well and also a table, sundial, a fountain and throne. In most of his works each carving and piece is made from a single stone.

The tallest stones reach 25 feet, while the heaviest rock weighs nearly 30 tons. Using no compound or mortar, the massive stones, when combined together, are held in place by their own weight.

Coral Castle

Edwards Home

The average weight of the stones is about 14 tons each. With these huge rocks, Edward built walls, erected a tower and a 22-ton obelisk.

Around 1936 Edward moved his Rock Gate Park to a new location “now called Coral Castle”, about 10 miles north of Florida city to a town called Homestead, how he did this, nobody knows.

Some say it took him 3 years, using the aid of a truck, tractor and trailer, some say he did it over night.

There are only a few accounts of sightings of the shift itself, facts are very distorted and all information I could find says something different.

In all account no body really knows how he moved Tons of stone to his new location. Once at his new location he then reconstructed the castle. There was one account of a young boy whom in the night said he saw Edward, saying that Edward had his arms raised directing this huge stone, the boy says the stone seems to float and was manipulated simply by the direction in which Edward wanted it to go.

Edward had been heard saying that he could move these huge stones by directing this “perpetual electromagnetic energy”, he could easily manipulate the large stones.

Have you heard of Edward Leedskalnins Coral Castle?

Mirrored Image Overlays

The massive rocks would then be floated into place. Edward is quoted as saying he had “found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders of Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons.”

A tour of Coral Castle can be seen here.

Edward died alone in hospital, taking with him all his knowledge. He had lived in poverty in his stone castle for years hardly making ends meet.

He was at one stage approached by the military in regards to his technologies but refused to give anymore information but that he understood the laws of weight and leverage.

An extraordinary man with the most disciplined mind. It took a life time of dedication to build this amazing place.

Like many men before him, Edward Leedskalnins had an insight into something that allures most of us with curiosity and amazement. Coral Castle has an enchantment about it that remains long after it’s builder has passed away.

Edward wrote a number of Pamphlets while he worked on his castle, included are:

I hope you enjoyed this article, there are so many wonderful and unexplained things out there I thought you might like this one.

Go down to the comment box below and let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.

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If you and I were to hear a conversation but both of us had interpreted that conversation totally differently why is that?

It’s Programming.

How Does Your Neuro Linguistic Programming Effect Your Relationships?

How Does Your Neuro Linguistic programming Effect Your Relationship?

Two People Hearing and Seeing The Same Conversation Differently

Blinded sight or deaf hearing is something we have all suffered from, and I say suffered from because it is like an illness it holds us back from seeing or hearing what we need to see and hear.

How many times we might see something, read something and passed it off, and then suddenly we read it again and it all seems to make perfect sense. why does that happen?

Something changed within our thinking to now allow that information to come to us, what changed? We looked at that article 2 months ago and thought it was crap but now you seem to read it and suddenly it speaks to you.

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The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It

Where were you first introduced to Spirituality?

Answer: You must look back at that first impression.

This is an important question because this will be your first impression and first impressions last.

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It

First Impression

Most people who grew up in a religious home would have been brought up with some type of spirituality, because Religion is considered in broad terms spirituality, though I would debate that and go on further to say they are totally different, in which case it’s probably why you have struggled.

Most people who have had some spiritual teaching would have learnt this from their parents or the school they attended. Most schools have religious teaching, and in general we have a huge population of Religious people, so parents are the obvious source. Now when I speak of Religion I am talking across the board, all Christian faith and non Christian faith teachings. I am talking orthodox teachings, what ever the rule comes under.

So think back and find the place where you first heard about spirituality. What were you taught? How did it make you feel when these words were first spoken to you.

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It


Was it fear driven? This is another important factor, was it fear driven?

  • Believe this or you go to Hell
  • Do this or you go to Hell
  • Behave this way or you will be punished
  • Conform or you will be excommunicated
  • Be Submissive  or be punished

When you are a child, fear driven language is used to get you to conform to a certain behavior, (Neuro Linguistic programming) this can have a devastating  impact on you as an adult. This is programming and conditioning and to break this cycle of embedded fear is difficult. As a child we are so impressionable, the beliefs systems we are taught as children will underlay our belief systems as we get older, So You must look back at that first impression.

What does spirituality mean to you? 

Answer:  look at what spirituality gives you truly, is it companionship of others or is it food for thought for your own personal pondering?

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It

The Church Community

What part of your being is called to the need of spirituality? Is it the community spirit of a church and the companionship of like minded people that fills that space of what you call spirituality? Is it the gathering of people who have the same set of belief systems and because of this they are more trustworthy?Would it be the same feeling if you joined a gym and had a community of people there that had like minded information and interests as you? Or is it something very personal and intimate where it does not require others to be involved? It is food for thought simply for yourself? So look at what spirituality gives you truly, is it companionship of others or is it food for thought for your own personal pondering?

What is it that you struggle with about Spirituality?

Answer: Find the programme that is the issue.

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It

Time to Reflect

Why are you struggling with what you believe? What are you questioning? Something obviously doesn’t sit right with you, for you to be struggling with the concept of your own belief system. Somewhere you have learnt something that goes against your insightful intuition. This is a time you need to be totally honest with yourself regardless of consequences. If you are struggling with spirituality you have a program running that is a conditioned message that must be turned off. You may find once you dig deeper and find the source of this struggle, you will have a whole new view on spirituality. Don’t be afraid of change. So find the programme that is the issue.

Is spirituality something you really need?

Answer: discard what you don’t need.

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It

Throw It Out

Have you considered that spirituality is something that you might not really need? I am serious have you asked yourself why is spirituality important to me? What do I get from my beliefs? how does it benefit my life?  If there is a struggle you are not getting what you need, quite the opposite it’s causing conflict in your life. Can you live without it? If the answer is yes than discard your spiritual beliefs and let them fall away, holding on to something that serves no purpose is a wast of time and energy, and whats more it’s stopping you from moving forward. So discard what you don’t need.

How does spirituality make you feel?

Answer: stop to analyse how accommodating your spirituality is to the rest of your life, does it support you?

Lastly but not least how does spirituality make you feel. I would hope that it makes you feel awesome if not, why not? If you go through the five steps of looking within to find the answers you should by now know the answer to this question. Spirituality is an extension of who you are as a human being. It should lift you, comfort you and be there as a leaning pole with things get tough. It should beunconditional, spirituality is not punishment, it is not judging, it is not controlling, it should be insightful, meaningful, and loving. It should be accepting unconditionally, it should be your rock. So stop to analyse how accommodating your spirituality is to the rest of your life, does it support you?

The 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Struggling With spirituality And How to Fix It


Spirituality reaches out to each and every one of us in the hope that we will hear the song, the melody, the sound of our own voice, a voice not yours, but of you.

Spirituality is about creativity, freedom, wholeness, unconditional love, freedom to be individual, It is enlightening, intuitive, compassionate. It is all we can be, emotionally, physically, mentally and more.

If your view of spirituality is different, than your belief system is probably religious based not spiritual, and yes there is a big difference.

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