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  • Terri,

    Thank you, Terri! Yes, I am well as I trust you are, too! May you have an amazing weekend, also! The best to you!


  • James, seem like a great guy. He has to be, he a great fisherman. :)

  • Terri, thanks for the welcome. I hope to connect and learn more about this site. James recommend that I get to know you. You have a bless day.

  • Terri, this site has such a wealth of information.  Thank you for offering us a place to learn more and support each other.  You are wonderful.

  • Hi Terri

    Thank you for the welcome.  I finding it to be a friendly place here.

  • Thank you Terri.  I have been up since 4am so will be finishing early today.  Trying to get everything done this morning !!

  • Top Commentor

    I am not busy in the way I feel I should be. The social cause will have most of my attention until Monday. We have a family moving out and while that is happening I am moving to summer quarters. I am finding the business needs more attention than I am able to give set up in the middle of everything. I will be off to myself and able to make videos and spend more time on the phone without interruptions or children so close it hurts callers ears. The collection contract ends soon and I need to replace the income. 

  • Hi Terri, nice to hear from you. Thanks for the well wishes. The same to you. Been very busy  lately. Hope you are doing great.

  • thanks Terri.. Good to be here :) ...

  • Thanks for the warm welcome Terri!  Look forward to learning more about your site and the purpose of it.  God Bless YOU!

This reply was deleted.